Poll: Is The Voice The Right Move For Gwen? (Updated)

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Both NBC and Gwen have confirmed that she will be joining for season 7 of The Voice which starts filming in June!


After not featuring a poll in awhile, we’re curious if you think Gwen’s rumored move to NBC’s singing competition show The Voice is the right move for her.

If she is in for season 7, and given the opportunity to be on national television twice a week (plus all of the continual media surrounding the show), it would be one of the biggest platforms for exposure and promotion that Gwen could ever ask for. This could only mean great things for both her, No Doubt and her projects. But on the flip side, some say that it could keep her quite busy away from music and other ventures. With a brand new baby, she would definitely have a lot more on her plate than usual, but we have a lot of faith in Gwen and her decisions. And there are those rumors of another solo album in the works…

What do you think? Neither NBC or Gwen have yet to comment on the rumors but many sources are claiming it’s a done deal or close to it. Thanks for voting!

If she is set to join The Voice as a judge and mentor for season 7, filming is scheduled to start in June and air this Fall on NBC.

21 Replies to “Poll: Is The Voice The Right Move For Gwen? (Updated)”

  1. I hate to say it, but at this point she doesn’t have that many options left to stay relevant, so my answer is: Yes!

  2. I just hope all that exposure will be put to good use: new music, preferably from No Doubt! (Solo is a good second though).

  3. I think she would be great at it…she’s been in the industry for a long time and she knows how to handle it…plus she’s been a mentor on American idol before so she knows the routine…my only concern is her voting someone off though…I think it would be hard on her…but other then that I love the idea, she’s so smart and talented and I would love to see her on tv for hours at a time! I bet her reactions to the contestants and the judges will be hilarious/cute too 🙂

  4. Also…I would love to see what she has to say about the different songs they choose…they usually always do Santeria or Don’t speak too and I’d love to see what she has to say about those! Or you know…just to watch her speak in general would be cool too lol

  5. Regardless if she does or does not release new music, it will be a good opportunity to promote her fashion labels… LAMB, Harajuku Lovers, and DWP all day everyday!!!

  6. I am a huge fan of No Doubt and Gwen is the most influential woman in my life! I will love to see her in the voice!!!! ND fan 4Life:-)

  7. this is so sad, I wish she were releasing material with Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle and not trying to be a business woman like Christina Aguilera or JLo. I miss the old Gwen.

  8. I wish she were releasing material with Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle and not trying to be a business woman like Christina Aguilera or JLo. I miss the old Gwen. [2]


  9. With all respect, but turns jurors on The Voice sounds as career end. And, c’mon, Gwen is more than that! She is super talented in everything she does. I hope it’s only a season and even she comes back to record cds (with No Doubt, of course).

  10. I personally think it’s a great move for Gwen. It will be an amazing opportunity to re-build her brands and image (since she’s been out of the spotlight for awhile) and I think this will also inspire her — musically more than anything. We should all be excited for her! It’s a huge honor to be offered that position and The Voice is something brand new to look forward to.

  11. I think this is the right move for Gwen. I have a feeling she’s moved on from No Doubt (at least for now) This will give her the opportunity to take back her spotlight and rebuild her empire (L.A.M.B. HL, HL Mini, etc etc) and hopefully get featured on new songs, or possibly release new material as a solo artist. Once her name is on everybody’s lips, she can go back to No Doubt and release a new ND record while she’s still in the limelight.

  12. These shows suck. They are the armpit of the music world. Everyone knows that. But the Voice is apparently the best of them all. Plus everyone and their mother is drooling over pharrel right now so that is good for Gwen.
    I think it’s a good choice. Gwen is now a botox Hollywood celeb. TK was light years ago. She has changed.
    I Will say the ONLY thing that can save an artists career is if they deliver. Doesn’t matter what show she is on or if her next clothing line is for hamsters. If she makes quality music (with ND or not) they will follow. That’s the only way to reign.

  13. I love gwen (duh, that’s why I’m here), but I’m not sure how I feel about her as a TV personality. I like her best performing music. I do think The Voice is the best of all of the singing competitions, and if she joins I’ll definitely watch.

  14. I think this is smartest PR decision anyone involved with ND has done since they finally announced that P&S was being released. Great opportunity to rebuild her brands and put her image out there. Hopefully something new will be released to continue the exposure.

    of course she signs on for the season with Pharrell. I figured they’d work together on the show in some way.

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