Poll: How Long Have You Been a No Doubt Fan?

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It’s day two of our second poll week and we want to know how long you have been a No Doubt fan! The band has millions of fans all around the world and we’re interested in when all of you first started following them. Let us know if it was a particular song, video or just their coolness that drew you in. Thanks for voting!

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18 Replies to “Poll: How Long Have You Been a No Doubt Fan?”

    1. Sorry about that! I meant to include it with Rock Steady. It should be updated but if not, you can vote for that category as well. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  1. I was a Metal head Kiss/Manowar/Metalica, and classic rock fan through the 80’s and early 90’s. When Tragic Kingdom hit I bought all the older stuff and was hooked ever since. If I wouldn’t have been moved from my home sate of Cal. at the age of 2, maybe I would have been turned on to ND sooner.

  2. MTV Spring Break 1996 performance of JAG. I fell in love with Adrian and his goth look and Gwen with her unique style. That’s back when I used to collect every magazine article, newspaper clipping, picture, singles, posters…whatever I could get my hands on!

  3. Since Don`t speak in the spring of 1997. It was 15 year last year..now 16 😉

    1. Same for me, since Spring of 1997. 😛 It was the Don’t Speak video that drew me in enough to check them out. But I guess I heard Just A Girl before that on the radio.

  4. Well I just sorta re/discovered them when all the news coverage came out about push and shove…and what really intrigued me was the Gwen and Tony love story. I was very aware of “don’t speak,” but had no idea there was such a…”tragic” story behind it. I never really knew the band members other than Gwen, sadly. Does anyone know if Tony can sing?

  5. 1995 when Just a Girl hit the radio, and I saw them at KROQ Accoustic xmas they opened the show at 6:15pm with 3 songs. And Bush headlined

  6. I was a baby when Tragic Kingdom came out. But my sister was a fan so I grew up listening to them even without wanting or knowing them. Now I’m a 18 year old fan.

  7. My first No Doubt show was 1988 in Palm Springs. They opened for The Untouchables (who are CRIMINALLY underrated for their influence on No Doubt and so many other So Cal bands.) It was a great show! We nearly crashed on the way home when a coyote ran into the path of my roommate’s car on the way home. The coyote died. That is all.

  8. For me I discovered TK too late– It was in 1998/1999. I liked Don’t Speak on the radio and thought JAG was a cool video, but not my musical taste. I bought the CD randomly, only liking 3-4 songs. One summer, I went on a trip and forgot to pack my CDs, except that one which was in the cd player… spent 3 weeks listening to just that album and loved EVERY song, and read all the lyrics a billion times. Then I bought the ST and BSC and learned to like ST and LOVE BSC. Then New was released and I bought the GO sountrack to just listen to that one song over and over… and the rest is history.

  9. I only started listening to music in my early teens, which was during the ending of Gwen’s solo career really, The Sweet Escape was a HUGE success so I found out about Gwen, then I became obsessed with Gwen and the few solo singles she released after that, then I found out about No Doubt and became obsessed, so since 2007, I have just spend the last 6 years of my life obsessed with Gwen and No Doubt buying all their old cds and doing nothing but listening to them and watching all old performances and interviews on youtube etc… Even though I’m really recent, it still felt like a life time waiting for Push & Shove so I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like for everybody else!!!

  10. It was the Rock Steady era for me… I was about 11 years old. I can still remember the first time I saw the Hey Baby video, I looked at Gwen and thought ‘that is the coolest person I have ever seen.’ I’ve been devoted to them ever since.

  11. My older sisters had the First ND cassette tape that I listened to and TK was awesome that I knew/know back and forth. A friend in High school really loved them in the Return of Saturn era but I think at the end of ROS era is when I really started buying concert tickets (cuz I had the money and permission to go to concerts) then From Rock steady there was no turning back. I guess I’ve been a ND fan for a lot longer than I realized. It’s a family affair this ND love!!!

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