Poll: Favorite ‘Voice’ Fashion Moment From Season 9

It’s undeniable that Gwen’s fashion was on another level this past season of The Voice and now we’re curious which look which was your favorite. Gwen stepped it up and wore some of her most baring and daring looks in years while keeping her signature style along the way by playfully mixing fun prints and accessories.

Stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn shared that Gwen wanted more feminine flare this time and had the team looking at outfits and dresses that they would never think of putting her in. This season featured “more form-fitted dresses, sexier things she wouldn’t normally wear, more cleavage-baring pieces” that was refreshing to see on Gwen as well as a newer-found confidence on the show. Also, Gwen’s trademark red-lip most pretty much absent from the season and had her rocking soft pink and nude shades throughout.

We’ve put together all the red-chair, performances and promo looks from season 9 of The Voice and have included links to the gallery for more photos. Vote in the poll below with the corresponding favorite and let us know which was your favorite!

[table], ,
Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knockout Rounds[/table]

[table], ,
Live Playoffs, Live Playoffs (Night 2), Live Playoff Results[/table]

[table], ,
Top 12 Performances, Top 12 Eliminations, Top 11 Performances [/table]

[table], ,
Top 11 Eliminations, Top 10 Performances, Top 10 Eliminations[/table]

[table], ,
Semifinal Performances, Semifinal Results, Live Finale Part 1[/table]

[table], ,
Live Finale Part 2 (#1), Live Finale Part 2 (#2), Live Finale Part 2 (#3)[/table]

[table], ,
Live Finale Part 2 (#4), Four-Coach Performance, Team Gwen Performance[/table]

[table], ,
Solo Performance, Live Finale Performance, Season 9 Promo[/table]

8 Replies to “Poll: Favorite ‘Voice’ Fashion Moment From Season 9”

  1. That was tough cause I had so many favourites, but I ended up choosing her Solo performance! It was so flawless and iconic for that song!

  2. Live playoffs night 1 was the first time I was blown away so I picked that one. But there are a bunch of others that are right up there too. I liked pretty much every outfit and look except the semi final results and knockout round.

  3. “Four Coach Performance” is my favorite because she looks too skinny near the end of the season. Still gorgeous.

  4. Hey guys, I just wanna share that UTLY is #12 in top 25 of the most popular radio station in my country (Perú-Latin America). It was #15 like 5 or 6 days ago and now is #12. It’s been almost 10 years since Gwen doesn’t enter to a top on this popular station (it only plays music that is extremely hot right now). I’m so happy!

  5. Good to know Batcaver. It’s still gaining radio play here too and is in the top 20. I saw it went down a few spots on the hot 100 though. If streams didn’t count I think it would definitely be in the top 40.

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