Poll: Favorite “Used To Love You” TV Performance?

Happy New Year! After Gwen’s emotional and more than likely final televised performance of “Used To Love You” last night on New Years Eve with Carson Daly, we’re curious which one was your favorite over the last couple months. She performed her latest single on some of the biggest platforms including The Voice and The Tonight Show which definitely helped the song impact the charts. The song was also treated to both stunning visuals (American Music Awards) and stripped down versions (Ellen).

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

American Music Awards

The Voice

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

New Years Eve with Carson Daly

10 Replies to “Poll: Favorite “Used To Love You” TV Performance?”

  1. I think she sounded the best on Ellen, looked the best on The Voice, and the instrumental was the best on Fallon.

    Funny, it feels like she has performed this song so many times, but it’s only been 6.

  2. NYE’s was the best vocal performance, and made more justice to the choreography which compliments the performance! And Gwen looked beautiful, I was rooting for the red lips to comeback!

  3. Ellen was everything. Felt raw and sincere minus all the unnecessary overproduction. Just Gwen being herself speaking her truth

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