Poll: Favorite Pharrell Williams Collaboration?


With the Voice blind auditions kicking off this week in Los Angeles, we’re curious which song was your favorite collaboration between Gwen and Pharrell Williams. Both Gwen and Pharrell are filling in for season seven of the hit NBC singing competition show which is debuting on TV this Fall.

Their work together dates back to 2001 when the Neptunes collaborated with No Doubt on “Hella Good”. Gwen also joined forces again with him for both of her solo albums, most notably for “Hollaback Girl” and “Wind It Up”. Gwen also appeared on Pharrell’s debut solo album in 2006 with “Can I Have It Like That?”.

No Doubt confirmed that they were teaming up again with Pharrell on new material last Spring. Tom called the new tracks “epic” and we’re really hoping they see the light of day soon. Thanks for voting!

7 Replies to “Poll: Favorite Pharrell Williams Collaboration?”

  1. This is a difficult poll for me. lol. I like all of those songs, and I narrowed it down to four pretty easily, but then I was like, dang!

  2. i have a few “yummy” remixes that are far more superior than the album track. i dont know the official names of the remixes since i found them on youtube and dont believe they are official but they are amazing. if they perform a remixed version of “yummy” on the next season of the Voice, i think that song can blow up and become the single it was meant to be 7 years ago. i feel really strongly about the song needing to be remixed.

  3. Hella Good all the way! And tbh… Breaking up needs to break off that album and replaced with Candy Land please, k thanks.

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