Poll: Favorite ‘Truth’ Tour Look?

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Now that the first leg of Gwen’s This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour wrapped up in Fresno, California last night, we’re curious which look of hers was your favorite. Gwen collaborated with stylists Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi and corset couture experts The Blonds on four fashionable yet performance-friendly costumes.

Her looks featured throwbacks to some of her most iconic styles including bralettes, plaid, bum flaps and tribal patterns. Plus the crystals sewn throughout were stunning under the lights.

This was the first time Gwen has worn The Blonds custom couture and the New York design duo called it fate that they were able to work with her. In a recent interview with Billboard, The Blonds said that Gwen “represents smart, strong, independent women everywhere with a little retro showgirl thrown in.”

Gwen resumes and finishes up her Truth tour in California this October with stops in Mountain View, Inglewood and Irvine (which ticket information has yet to be announced for).

We named set 3 due to the name of the look not being provided by The Blonds; thanks for voting!

[table]look1, look2
Set 1: “The Velvet Rose”, Set 2: “The Crystal Camo”
look3, look4
Set 3: “Misery Couture”, Set 4: “Blond Rebel” [/table]

22 Replies to “Poll: Favorite ‘Truth’ Tour Look?”

  1. None. All the “looks” are try hard and look very sloppy. The lack of stage presence on this tour was upsetting. Standing still and singing songs isn’t what I thought I would see.

    1. Did you see the same concert as everyone else cause she is always in motion and never stops.
      Lack of presence?!!? Totally outrageous to say– more stage presence than anyone I can think of. Don’t take my word for it just read all the reviews from every city she has played in. Don’t miss the FresnoBee about her latest performance.

    1. Her first outfit is perfection. It’s genius really. Noticed Rihanna first outfit tonite for sure was inspired by Gwen’s open torn pants. Rihanna and Ariana copied her severely pulled back hi ponytail, and Ariana had the tips of hers dyed too.
      Gwen always the tend setter still being copied by the twenty somethings.

    2. It’s horrible.
      Looks like something Cyndi Lauper would wear for one of her present-day shows lol.

      Gwen lost all her good taste, in songwriting, in music, in fashion etc. when she met Blake.

      Now she makes me barf. Career harikiri if there ever was one ( same for him, although his career is one thing I couldn’t care less about)

      My opinion, let me have it.

      1. Why would who she is dating be career suicide? Or why would it be bad for his career? They are in the same business, different genre, I don’t get why that is a big deal, but I am now wondering if that is the undercurrent for all of the OTT negative comments from so many on here.

  2. Everyone was criticizing her fishnets at the they very beginning of her tour…read comments like so passé, so Madonna, ugh. News– Gwen started the fishnet trend and now they are everywhere and are mainstream fashion. Gwen rocks….and rules. Gwen the visionary.

  3. None. The costumes were a huge disappointment compared to TSE and Harajuku Lovers tours. These look like they were thrown together at the last minute and would be more suited for a No Doubt concert.

  4. Aw. I think that Jill is the one who saw a “different” show than the rest of us. I’m sad I missed TSE and HL tours. The vocals, the setlist, the outfits and the lack of stage presence were just messy. But on the bright side I got my vinyl in the mail and it sounds great on my turntable!

    Worst. Era. Ever.

    1. CellBoy please do tell what female artist excels in all the categories you just dissed Gwen in? She is not lipsynching and her vocals on your were great. All her outfits, all but one, had smashing detail and sparkles artistically hand done to capture just the right light and no video or pix capture that, but live where fab!
      Her stage presence was captivating as was witnessed by many who went along as a non fan with a fan and were blown away, and are now fans.
      Think about it as you say no stage presence …Gwen is artist who isn’t performing like a stripper, with a barely there leotard with her junk hanging out, and is actually singing. Rihanna can’t dance or sing and people have been complaining after leaving her concerts about the lack of energy and enthusiasm and are not happy campers. Beyoncé manufactured marriage difficulty and tried to copy Gwen and make an album about cheating. Her stripper moves and tossing her hair is tiresome. I wanted to like her album coz it has so much press but thought it was over rated.
      I like Brittney but jeeze.
      So please I’m interested in you talking about other artists who perform better and have better stage presence than Gwen.?

      1. Jill. The fact that you put her in the same category as those…says. It. All.

        Cyndi Lauper had more stage presence at her show this summer. She is 62.

        1. CellBoy. Fine. That’s your opinion, but you lost me when you co- signed to everything Battcaver said that was extra harsh– so that’s what I’m hearing.

          1. Whatever that means. Either way, I am still a fan. Just not as happy as I once was with the concerts

  5. I agree with most here. Every outfit was waaayy off the mark. Each one is sooo ugly and uninteresting. That’s nearly impossible for Gwen. Not sure how this even happened. She could have achieved more with a tank top jeans and docs.
    But whatever, if G is happy, it’s all good

  6. It’s about the production too. Her dancers had complimentary outfits. The stage lighting brought these to life. I thought the green one was ordinary until I saw it in person and onstage. As I said before the fringe on that one looked electronically lit. Just saying I don’t think without seeing them live that you can get a good perspective.
    The Misery Couture was the only one that was a miss. I thought she might change that one out as the tour went along but that didn’t happen.
    I think all the elements work, from the plaid, her signature; the big cabbage roses with the bra top a great compliment and contrast. The green safari pants are current in fashion, the blond rebel brilliant and of course with her signature black and white stripes of the fringe. I actually think it all was carefully mapped out and she brought in meaningful elements as a homage to her past. Was a big missed opportunity not to maket the blond rebel merchandise as people begging for it.

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