Poll: Favorite Lead Single from Gwen?

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After asking fans what your pick for No Doubt’s best lead single, we’re curious what you thought Gwen’s was.

She embarked on the pop scene on her own in 2004 with “What You Waiting For?”, a standout track that many consider a classic. Gwen returned in 2006 with her Sound of Music-infused “Wind It Up” and most recently with “Baby Don’t Lie”, a new track from her upcoming and highly anticipated third solo album.

We’ve also included where Gwen’s solo singles peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 (if available) and music videos.

Thanks for voting!

Love.Angel.Music.Baby., “What You Waiting For?” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: #47)

The Sweet Escape, “Wind It Up” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: #6)

Untitled third solo release, “Baby Don’t Lie” (Billboard Hot 100 chart peak: #46)

11 Replies to “Poll: Favorite Lead Single from Gwen?”

  1. WYWF of course…it was her best solo video and the perfect intro to her style/persona for the LAMB period.

    Plus she looked absolutely stunning with a more natural look.

  2. This is why I loved the LAMB era… The theme. The fashion. The music. The production budget she got from interscope lol… It was perfect 🙂
    I guess now the challenge for Gwen is how to release a successful and memorable solo record with limited time, and budget 🙂

  3. WYWF brought us such a HUGE element of PURE excitement for the “solo” gwen —at a time when so many fans didnt know what to expect or feel about a No Doubtless gwen——– it delivered!!! even to the none believers. just a GREAT single/video

  4. I do love them all but definitely WYWF… It is so magical, high-budget, wonderful fashion, such a great introduction!

  5. ” Wind it up ” because i find that the melody is very various and less repetitive than the others two. IMO !

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