Poll: Favorite Gwen Collaborative Remix?

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For today’s fun poll, we’re curious what your favorite collaborative remix from Gwen’s solo era was. There wasn’t too many, but most came out amazing and basically took the songs to another level (we did however include Gwen’s single version of “Luxurious” that included rapper Slim Thug). Also, Gwen’s single version of “Now That You Got It” also featured Damian Marley but we included the alternate Marley mix in the poll.

These versions can be found on the official single releases only and are worth picking up if you haven’t already. Which one is your favorite? Thanks for voting!

“Hollaback Girl” (Dancehollaback Remix) feat. Elan

“Luxurious” (Single Version) feat. Slim Thug

“The Sweet Escape” (Konvict Remix) feat. Akon

“Now That You Got It” (Marley Mix) feat. Damian Marley

8 Replies to “Poll: Favorite Gwen Collaborative Remix?”

  1. OMGGGGGGGGG I COMPLETELY forgot the hollaback back remix, was insane couldnt stop listening to it when i was younger.

  2. I like the Konvict remix better.
    I didn’t like the single version of NTYGI that much, especially the annoying hammering you can hear throughout the mix.

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