Poll: Favorite Event and Red Carpet Fashion Moment of 2015

In honor of our Best of 2015 post, we’re curious which fashion moment from Gwen was your favorite from the past year. We’ve included her most notable looks from 2015’s events and red carpets and have excluded her live performance styles as well as The Voice (which you can vote for in separate polls). Gwen definitely stepped it up this year and fans found her style elevated towards the end of the year and saw her rocking some of her most daring and and surprising looks in quite awhile.

We’re looking forward to see what Gwen will be rocking in the new year! Are there any new trends or looks that you would like to see from her?

Thank you so much for voting and click on each image to link to our gallery for more photos!

[table]rc_paddington, rc_mcla, rc_grammys
Paddington Premiere, MasterCard LA Press Event, Grammy Awards[/table]

[table]rc_nicki, rc_udev, rc_barely
Nikki Erwin Launch Party, UD’s The Ultraviolet Edge, Barely Famous Premiere[/table]

[table]rc_hollywood, rc_womens, ec_eric
Hollywood Reporter Party, An Evening With Women, Eric Buterbaugh Launch[/table]

[table]rc_haraf, rc_voicepress, rc_master
Harajuku Lovers Tea Party, The Voice Press Conference, MasterCard NY Press Event[/table]

[table]rc_haracha, rc_mcconert, mc_concertbac
Chasing Fireflies Launch, MasterCard NY Concert Event, MasterCard Concert Backstage[/table]

[table]rc_udg, rc_ball, rc_laradio
UDxGwen Launch Event, UCLA Visionary Ball, LA Radio Interviews[/table]

[table]rc_baby, rc_barneys, rc_amas
Baby2Baby Gala, Barneys Private Dinner, American Music Awards [/table]

[table]rc_nyinterview, rc_viceince, rc_azgame
NY Radio Interviews, The Voice Finale Press Event, Arizona vs. Green Bay Game[/table]

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10 Replies to “Poll: Favorite Event and Red Carpet Fashion Moment of 2015”

  1. Well, I hope the wall of side bangs with black tips is on its way out finally. I do like the black in the ponytail though. For 2016 I’d like to see her lay off the heavy makeup a bit. I think she is a natural beauty. I love that she has strayed from the red lips and been more open to pinks and nudes.

    I really liked the Barely Famous premiere look. It’s casual, pretty and age appropriate. I think the Visionary Ball was great too…it was sexy, but not in a desperate way and the color looked great on her. My favorite is The Voice finale press event though. It’s perfect from head to toe.

  2. I don’t know what is my favorite but the worst are:

    #3 Barneys Private Dinner
    #2 Arizona vs. Green Bay Game
    and the first place, of course, goes to… #1 American Music Awards!

  3. And I hope she brings back the bold red lips and more extravagant outfits for the new album era. I really miss that Gwen. The nude lips don’t suit her that much.

  4. This pole was easy for me. Gwen’s Grammy Awards look was among her all-time best! Absolutely perfect. And as for the nude lip, fishnets, and black-tipped hair, I love them all!

  5. I digg the top bun she wore for the Voice press conference, and I’m really into the casual gold chain thing she did for the LA radio interviews.

    The voice finale press event and the AMAs get honorable mentions. I, personally, appreciated the weirdness of that dress. 🙂

  6. Btw, Jenny do you have an app for BSO? I guess I remember you mentioning it, or was it No Doubt’s?
    Do you remember other official apps besides the OPI one? Recently got a smartphone and I’m trying to collect all my fave apps. Thanks

  7. No fishnets? No red lip? Not packing on the make up?!? THATS our Gwen! I don’t like anything about a’natural’ look. She’s an icon because of her created/made up look. I would also say the AMAs is my favorite she’s given us in the past 5years. Innovative, daring, original & 110% GWEN.

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