Poll: Best New Song Performed on ‘Truth’ Tour?

Photo courtesy of Music Choice
Photo courtesy of Music Choice

Gwen wrapped up her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour last night in Orange County after treating fans all summer to her new record. Luckily for us, she ended up performing most of her new album on tour, excluding only a few songs including “You’re My Favorite” and “Me Without You.” In our new poll, we’re curious to see which songs from Truth do fans think came off the best live.

The This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour was Gwen’s first full-time stint on the road in seven years (lastly with No Doubt on their summer reunion tour in 2009) and her noticeably hard-work paid off. We admit that we were anxious in hearing how her album would come off live (especially on heavily produced tracks “Red Flag” and “Asking 4 It”) but had many fans pleasantly surprised.

For more coverage on Gwen’s Truth tour, check out our full review from Seattle, Washington here.

We’ve included videos from the tour in track listing order (minus the few that Gwen had omitted from the tour) for you to relive and pick your favorites. “Baby Don’t Lie” and Blake Shelton collaboration track “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” (which was used throughout the tour on select dates) have also been excluded. Thank you for voting!


“Where Would I Be?”

“Make Me Like You”


“Used To Love You”

“Send Me a Picture”

“Red Flag”

“Asking 4 It”




12 Replies to “Poll: Best New Song Performed on ‘Truth’ Tour?”

  1. I wish we could’ve heard You’re My Favorite, Me Without You, Rocket Ship, Getting Warmer, Splash, Loveable, and War Paint live at least one time. It would have been awesome if she had rotated songs for her setlist throughout the tour and ended up performing all 44 of her solo released songs throughout the course of her tour, but, alas, no. She didn’t even change the set list for Irvine Meadows final shows at all! 🙁 Still a great show, great performance, and at the end of the day, a good set list.

  2. Absolutely RED FLAG! Sounds more like a rock song live, album version more pop/rap, but I literally listen to Red Flag 10x a day!

  3. Obsessed. It’s even better live, simply amazing. She did a great job with all songs, even though I am not a huge fan of her deep voice during the Where Would I Be chorus. And like somebody already pointed out, it would’ve been nice to hear You’re My Favorite, Me Without You, Rocket Ship, Getting Warmer, Splash and Loveable live, too. But who knows, maybe in the future?

    1. Yeah, the octave change in Where Would I Be is super weird. I love WWIB and Rare, but they don’t transfer so well live.

  4. I’m super bummed my favorite song YMF was left off. I don’t understand why she didn’t rotate the set list at all… I thought that was the point of having a low-key, stripped down production. :\

    Anyway, Naughty was the best live…especially when she got more feisty with it towards the end of the tour.

  5. Was so hoping she would sing Orange County Girl at the last Irvine Meadows shows would’ve been great. But Red Flags was amazing everytime.

  6. Obsessed and Naughty were killer live. So much passion. I liked the live versions more than the album. Worst was where would I be by far. It wrecked the song for me when she performed it in the low key. For me the setlist was meh it could have been a lot better. I agree she should have rotated some of the new songs. And had better costumes at least if she wasn’t going to have big production sets.

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