Photos/Videos: “Spark The Fire” Live at Z100 Jingle Ball

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Gwen surprised New York and joined Pharrell Williams onstage during his set for “Spark The Fire” during tonight’s Z100 Jingle Bell held at Madison Square Garden.

Gwen sounded and looked incredible and “Spark The Fire” seems to be getting better and better. Love the high energy!

Click here to see more photos.

Photos courtesy of Getty.

21 Replies to “Photos/Videos: “Spark The Fire” Live at Z100 Jingle Ball”

    1. Aw, I like that photo (with Ryan Tedder, too!) Now she needs to get back onstage and perform “Together” and “My Heart Is Open” with Maroon 5, lol.

  1. It was high energy…but it didn’t sound very good. The backing track is too loud and distracting and she couldn’t keep up with it. I hope these performances help sales though… Any word on if it’s ever going to hit the radio?

    Did she end up performing with Calvin too??? Missed opportunity if she didn’t… And yeah, he’s cute! 😉

    1. The song apparently was sent for radio ads on December 1. I don’t think it’s making much of an impact yet and with the holiday season here, we’ll have to see. She sure is promoting the heck out of it now!

  2. I heard it walking home today! A little local resturant was playing it on their outside patio speakers. i got so excited haha.

  3. Wow.. Never thought this would be possible but that performance was ATROCIOUS. Gwen and Pharrell seemed waaay too forced (especially with the whole queen is back thing, its getting tired). I get that they’re trying to sell and promote the hell out of this song, but I think it’s obvious after watching this performance and seeing an audience who isnt getting told how to act and actually paid for their ticket (unlike the voice performance) that it’s just not connecting with people and I think they’re seeing it now. Love Gwen till the end, but I think she should stick to No Doubt at this point. They tried to take advantage of Gwen being on the voice to create a whole new era for her, but I honestly think that ship has sailed and she needs to focus on ND. I’m sure her new album will be somewhat successful because its Gwen, but wont be a huge hit like they’re striving for. Times have changed and I think the generation they’re trying to target now just isnt there. Unlike her pervious solo recordss, I dont think this will create a whole new fanbase for her like those two records did. We wil see

  4. Much better! I can hardly hear the backing track. And has it actually been sent to radio? Haven’t heard anything about it

  5. Yeah Radio is hardly (or not) playing it which is why STF didn’t make the hot 100 on Billoard. She should back to the Secreast show and other shows around the country otherwise it feels like its not even on rotation. Holiday season won’t help cuz radio rotation kind of slows, either way she needs to keep a steady and more agressive promo.

    Oh and if any of her personal assitants are reading comments here (which is a given) all I’ll say is KEEP PROMOTING GWEN.

  6. I think it’d be great if she performed it during a Xmas special too. Anyway the only way to give it a push is if she performs it at the Grammys.

  7. Isn’t the Grammys usually nominated songs/artists? Or songs that were hits during the year? I think the most we’ll get from the Grammys is her as a presenter.

    1. Oh dear, some of the comments are saying “Please make a song with Calvin!!”… Gwen is totally under the radar, people don’t even know she’s “back”. They really need to do something asap to save this whole comeback thingy or whatever this is supposed to be.

  8. Pharrell seriously needs to stop with this “the queen is back” nonsense. It’s starting to get awkward… Check iTunes Pharrell. She’s clearly not back.

  9. I have always hated his “queen” comments towards Gwen. Madonna, Beyonce or Gaga would call themselves that – not someone down to earth like Gwen. She doesn’t have that kind of ego LOL

  10. I can’t blame those “fans” who are not aware that there’s a new song with Calvin Harris out there. Gwen only tweeted about it and that’s it. Her team and interscope haven’t bothered to post it on Facebook or make a post on her website. It’s a mess. That said, if people are really interested on her music they should also look it up.

  11. They are probably used to nothing happening music wise so they don’t bother looking it up anymore. Plus, she doesn’t use social media to her advantage.

  12. Yeah I agree. She should take more advantage of social media. Some artists post links to their new music more than once. It’s like she’s not too bothered. lol Her team could even come up with a contest like Fergie, to incite fans and spread the word. Tbh I’m kinda tired of this. It’s really their business (and their loss). lol

  13. Yeah we keep fighting for her to get more proactive and interested, but she doesn’t seem to care much. I think she just wants to have fun and doesn’t care about having direction or a plan or success LOL But that’s also why her record company, management and casual fans don’t care much either.. Oh well. Her choice! I appreciate the things she has done this year and I hope it continues in 2015.

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