Photos/Videos: Live in Qatar; Debuted “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Together” (Updated)

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Gwen rocked the stage tonight in gorgeous outfits created by Qatari designers and treated fans to a few surprises in her set including her collaboration track with Calvin Harris, “Together”. It was pretty surreal to see her perform solo again and she did such an incredible job!

Today Gwen is set to hit the stage for a live performance after the preliminary match between Denmark and Poland at the 24th Annual Men’s Handball World Championship happening in Qatar. The match is set to kick off at 9:00 UTC/GMT +3 hours.

Full set list will be updated when available!


Spark The Fire / What You Waiting For? / Rich Girl / Baby Don’t Lie / Crash / Cool / Together / Danger Zone / Luxurious / Danger Zone / Yummy / The Real Thing / Wind It Up / Hollaback Girl / The Sweet Escape

“Spark The Fire”, “What You Waiting For?”, “Rich Girl”, “Cool”, “Together”, “Hollaback Girl”, “The Sweet Escape”

“Spark The Fire”, “Baby Don’t Lie”, “Crash”, “Cool”, “Together”, “Danger Zone”, “Yummy”, “The Real Thing”, “Wind It Up”, “Hollaback Girl”, “The Sweet Escape”

“Spark The Fire”

“What You Waiting For?” / “Rich Girl”

“Rich Girl”

“Rich Girl” / “Baby Don’t Lie” / “Crash”

“Baby Don’t Lie”




“Wind It Up”

“Hollaback Girl”

“The Sweet Escape”

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“Danger Zone”

So pretty here! 🙌🌴🌴🙌 #Qatar2015 @2015Handball

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Gwen says baby don't lie. #Doha #qatar

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#Oh #hey #Gwen!! #amazing #concert #Qatar #Doha #GCC #GwenStefani #you #rock ✌️

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Ain't she looking fab. #Doha #qatar #Gwen

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You rock Gwen!!!! #fuckingamazing #Doha #VIP #gwenstefani #doha

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75 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Live in Qatar; Debuted “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Together” (Updated)”

  1. I guess she will have to cover her arms and legs on stage, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Her style hasn’t been too “daring” lately compared to the RS days when she used to wear nothing but bikini tops with short jackets.

  2. Maybe they were only allowed to air/live stream only first few songs… Bummer! She sounded amazing! Not crazy about the outfits but hey it’s understandable…

  3. wow I love all the instagrams and tweets 😀 looks like it was awesome. The fact that she used outifits made by locals is fucking amazing!! Great setlist.

  4. This makes me really want a full solo tour.

    She looks pretty in the white costume.

    I hope a full video of BDL pops up because I think I might like it better live.

  5. After hearing all of these songs, Spark The Fire is easily the weakest.

    Gwen really needs to bring LAMB II with this new album. Going back and listening to these old songs remind of how tight and GOOD they were.

    1. I agree with Simon. Although I do like STF I think its mainly because of how much I love Gwen that I like them, and not because it is that good of a song. I don’t think Gwen has ever made solo-music as good as she did on LAMB, every song from that album be jammin’! Lol. I think she really needs to immerse herself back in the 80’s/90’s dance genre if she wants to create songs like that again. I do get she wants to grow as an artist aswell.. but to me its like shes taking a step down from Superstar quality to Mediocre Comeback quality! :/

      Sorry 4 the lengthy reply haha

  6. She looked and sounded great (judging from the few videos we have). This gig makes me believe that she can still bring it, if she wants to and has the right songs. It’s crazy how STF sounds even worse in direct comparison to her old classics.

    1. normally, spark the fire is a duet with pharell, it’s wasn’t the case on the stage…it’ was more difficult for her to sing solo…but i like this song

    1. It sure is Baby! So happy to see Mayuko back on stage dancing with Gwen. I hope that all four Love, Angel, Music & Baby will be in LA with G aswell but I’m not gonna get my hopes up just yet..

    1. I usually avoid to watch videos of recorded video screening cause usually there’s a delay and it looks like she’s lip synching and she’s fucking not. Check out the instagram videos and you can tell she was singing all the time.

  7. Thanks so much jenny for all the uploads! Yes it looks like a great show. I think the setlist for the LA show will be the same but she probably will add a couple more songs from the sweet escape like 4 in the morning, yummy and early winter.

  8. @NDlover me too! Its probably my favourite solo song. I am hoping she is writing some more mature adult contemporary songs like early winter and cool for her new album.

  9. Wow I didn’t expect her to perform that song at all. So I guess it’s safe to say it will be included on her album. :S
    I guess what people say about “Spark The Fire” is what I say about “Together”. Lol interesting. I really don’t seem to connect w/ that song. Not too fussed with the instrumental.

  10. ^ Good for Gwen that embraced Qatar’s fashion but imo those outfits were kinda fugly. But hey glad she respected their culture.

    1. I’m soo excited that Gwen is performing Serious & Danger Zone again, they are 2 of my all-time favourites by her!
      I was afraid she’d leave them out in newer performances because of their age (like other artists tend to do).. but I’m so happy she’s keeping with the classics aswell as newbies and I really hope she keeps using them for Feb 7th! I won’t be at her show at the Orpheum (UK fan problems) but I will be avidly tuning in over the next days via YT and can’t wait to *hopefully* see more of my faves like S & DZ!!!
      I also loooooved hearing Together live and STF & BDL aswell.. I know they’re not everyone’s favourites, there not mine for sure, but they still sound great and its so exciting seeing Gwen’s change from her hiatus!

      I’ll stop fangirling now 😉 but thanks BSO for uploading/linking these performances!

  11. I’m just shocked how great “Together” sounds live. Gwen killed it! It sounded like a smash hit lol. It’s funny how this song has grown on me. I totally wasn’t impressed at first, but I really started to like it more and more. I never thought she’d perform this.

  12. “together” was the only new song i liked!! stf & bdl are awful. I’m still laughing at how random this all is

  13. yea i also agree with JAY (not a masculine nick tho)

    its sad that gwen sung in such an empty place, whereas pharelll fulled it..
    i mean she doesnt need it. her concert is sold out, but come on why in a place where u not that important, u rly have to prove u still a singer’ i mean its sad.

  14. i live in the middle east and all my friends told there was no promotion at all and they wanted to go there beside that the following day school starts in qatar so nobody had time for that

  15. Hmm why some are acting like this was a specific Gwen concert when was part of entertainment of the Handball World Championship also doesn’t have any new hits and hasn’t tour is years. Anyway as for Pharrell of course he was going to full it, he had the best year, a song that is a universal hit has multiple grammy nods. Woldwide is HUGE in popularity, maybe after One Direction? lol is like comparing apples and oranges.

    IMO this was the perfect “practice” for the L.A show, this was her first “gig” in years. I think intead of focusing on the negative there were a lot of positive things out of this show.

  16. The few videos I saw were great! BDL was great, Together was great. I so would like to see her in L.A.! I am so excited for her.

  17. Jossy, I agree! People tend to focus on the negative side of things. It’s overwhelming. You can tell Gwen was having a ball. Plus this was a great way to rehearse for the LA show and see what she can improve.

  18. it was all good, but i mean it wasnt the place for gwen to sing.. lots of men and they dont care “girly ” music
    it makes me sad to see those seats empty, coz she doesnt deserve it..

  19. “Together” is just fucking dope. straight up. had she released this as her first single shed be on fire right now. i know people like ndlover & overs who follow edm arent feeling it as much because of there history with the genre of music. but let me tell you, you put that shit on at a wedding, bday party, sweet 16, WHATEVER—–everyone is out of there seats dancing. its fucking great, just look at her move to it. its a hit

  20. plus this EDM bs is everything people eat up, they buy it, radio plays it, its on tv, the super markets, etcetcetc STF was unbelievably dreadful as i said “she’s too old to be a holla back girl, with hArAjUkU gIrLzzZ” that mess is just goofy

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