Photos/Videos: Live in New York for MasterCard Priceless Surprises (Updated)


Gwen did debut her new song “Used To Love You” and said that it could be her upcoming single!

Gwen hit the stage tonight for an exclusive solo concert sponsored by MasterCard Priceless Surprises at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City! Doors opened at 6:00PM EST for 2,000 lucky fans and we’re hoping that Gwen has a “priceless surprise” up her sleeve for tonight’s show.

MasterCard held at a press event in New York yesterday for the media in which Gwen shared she was excited to be back in the city and to be performing again. This is Gwen’s second show of the year sponsored by MasterCard Priceless Surprises.

Gwen kicked off the show with “Wind It Up” with gorgeous scenic shots of New York City behind her. Her energy was high and she performed most of her two solo albums in full including a familiar medley of “Harajuku Girls”, “Yummy”, “Don’t Get It Twisted”, “Now That You Got It” and “Bubble Pop Electric”. She also introduced some new and welcoming versions of “The Real Thing” and introduced “Fluorescent” into the set. Gwen was as feisty as ever and stated a couple of times during the show that these songs have “taken on a new meaning” for her.

Gwen debuted her new song “Used To Love You” and said that it could possibly be her next single!

Stay tuned to this page throughout the night for live updates, photos and more!


MasterCard Priceless Surprises Presents Gwen Stefani
10/17/2015 — New York, New York — Hammerstein Ballroom
Wind It Up / Rich Girl / Baby Don’t Lie / Early Winter / Spark The Fire / Harajuku Girls/Yummy/Don’t Get It Twisted/Now That You Got It/Bubble Pop Electric (Medley) / Luxurious / Crash / U Started It / The Real Thing/Wonderful Life / Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Instrumental) / Cool / Fluorescent / 4 In The Morning / Danger Zone / What You Waiting For? // Used To Love You / Hollaback Girl / The Sweet Escape


“Baby Don’t Lie”

“Early Winter”

“Spark The Fire”

“Harajuku Girls”

“Bubble Pop Electric”


“U Started It”

“The Real Thing”



“4 In The Morning”

“Danger Zone”

“What You Waiting For?”

“Used To Love You”

“Hollaback Girl”

“The Sweet Escape”


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Double "G" ❤️

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Was last night real? @gwenstefani (photo by @tommyography )

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19 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Live in New York for MasterCard Priceless Surprises (Updated)”

  1. Absolutely LOVE that she changed a lot of the songs up a bit. Living for the new dance version of the real thing!

  2. Is it sad that when Gwen said that it was the first time she’s played “Fluorescent” live I knew that she performed it back in 2007 when The Sweet Escape tour kicked off in Vegas? Lol.

    1. I knew that too Jenny!! LOL I thought it was funny how she thought it was the first time…I thought it was going to be the new song!

  3. The new song is so sad!!! It says it all in the title “Used To Love You”. Definitely her best written new song, and better than SAW even. I really hope she releases it as the next single within the next few weeks! I think it could do pretty well if promoted properly!!! It

  4. Epic!! Gwen wore one of my pieces tonite on stage. My red version of my ANTI CARGO SHORT ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Dreams do come true!!! #HOLOGRAMCITY #HOLOGRAMCITIZEN

  5. My only complaint about the setlist is the lack of Serious… one of my favourites! Was kinda hoping for SAW too, but it was never even released so I’m not surprised it wasn’t performed. Otherwise, what a great line up of songs! Especially happy that Fluorescent made the cut!!

  6. I loved The Danger Zone performance so much; what she said before and the raw emotion. Looking for HQ video!

  7. Danger zone was amazing. Used to love you is perfection. But it kinda worries me that Gwen’s writing like this own her own. Could you image if it was with the guys!! I bet she already has some killer lyrics for the next ND album.

  8. At this point who cares about what she could have done with ND. I for one am really enjoying hearing all these solo songs again and am very pleased Gwen decided to do a 3rd album…I became a fan during LAMB so its awesome reliving all these songs again. Yes I love ND but these songs still feel fresh whereas No Doubt songs sound old to me probably because they always do the same ones over and over again. Her solo shows are much more fun to watch. And she seems to be having a great time on stage, more so than when she did the LA show. Much better show overall than LA. Better outfits. Better setlist. Gwen was having more fun. Got to hear new music and new versions of the old songs (I am still living for the new “The Real Thing”)

  9. I’m proud of Gwen and how strong she is during what must be a difficult time. She is channeling it into something positive and although I am sure she has her difficult moments, she overall looks really happy. She is an inspiration. I wish her lots of success and happiness going forward.

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