Photos/Videos: Gwen Live in Los Angeles at The Orpheum Theatre (Updated)








Check out live audio, photos and videos from Gwen’s return to the solo stage in Los Angeles last night at the legendary Orpheum Theatre. The concert was sponsored and presented by MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises and in front of 2,000 lucky cardholders and fans. Gwen debuted her new song co-written with Sia, “Start A War”, and treated fans to live versions of her Calvin Harris collaboration track “Together” and “Baby Don’t Lie”. She put on the show of a lifetime which included a lot of unexpected surprises and fan favorites.

Thank you to all of the fans that sharing videos from the show for everyone to enjoy! The videos are presented in set list order. Professional photos are courtesy of Getty and you can check out more here.

Click here to check out our live coverage from the show including more photos and video clips.


Spark The Fire / Rich Girl / What You Waiting For? / Baby Don’t Lie / Cool / Together / Early Winter / Harajuku Girls / Yummy / Don’t Get It Twisted / Now That You Got It / Bubble Pop Electric / Start A War / Luxurious / 4 In The Morning / The Real Thing / Danger Zone / Wonderful Life / Orange County Girl (interlude) / Crash / U Started It / Wind It Up / Hollaback Girl // The Sweet Escape


Presented in set list order.

“Spark The Fire” / “Rich Girl” / “What You Waiting For?” / “Baby Don’t Lie”

“Spark The Fire” / “Rich Girl” / “What You Waiting For?” / “Cool” / “Early Winter” / “Yummy” / “Don’t Get It Twisted” / “Now That You Got It” / “Bubble Pop Electric” / “4 In The Morning” / “Wonderful Life” / “U Started It” / “Wind It Up” / “Hollaback Girl” / “The Sweet Escape”

“Spark The Fire”

“Rich Girl”

“What You Waiting For?”

“Baby Don’t Lie”



“Early Winter”

“Harajuku Girls”


“Don’t Get It Twisted”

“Now That You Got It”

“Bubble Pop Electric”

“Start A War”


“4 In The Morning”

“The Real Thing”

“Danger Zone”

“Wonderful Life”

“Orange County Girl” (interlude)


“U Started It”

“Wind It Up”

“Hollaback Girl”

“The Sweet Escape”

Thank you to Bodhi and Erik for submitting their videos from the show!

6 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Gwen Live in Los Angeles at The Orpheum Theatre (Updated)”

  1. Huge setlist like wholy not even Madonna does that many songs. I am assuming she didn’t perform the whole song of a lot of the non singles though, seems like Don’t Get it Twisted and Bubble Pop Electric were shortened.

  2. Lol Gwen “Bubble pop electric take you to the back seat” that’s not a lyric haha. I thought it was really cool she let the audience come on stage for Hollaback Girl even though the stupid body guard was trying to get them off after she asked the audience to join her.

  3. Together is so much fun. It’s the only new song that I really love. I hope she does a HQ live version at some point.

  4. What a truly remarkable Artist you are in the truest sense..You Sing ..You Design….You create such amazing Clothing/Shoes…I think we all wish we could do just one of those things! I am an Artist myself. I Enjoyed watching and listening to your performance online… I hope you realize much enjoyment you give your fans. You share yourself with the audience that is so important! God Bless you for all you do. By the way do you know that that Mastercard Commercial really captures your spirit. I will never forget the time you and Julia Roberts were on the Red Carpet in back to back interviews, years ago she was so Starstruck by the fact that you were by her. It made me smile when you said Hi and hugged her…she was shaking and said she was a Huge Fan of your Music, you said I am a Huge Fan of Yours Julia. Never have forgotten that… was a very special moment both of you getting to share that face to face. I went to a Tina Turner Concert in the 80’s and wrote her a note and told her how much her music meant to me put it in an envelope with Her name on it and my name and a return address and do you know that I never knew whether she got the letter. I received a signed photo sent from North Carolina her next Concert Venue. I saw her in Los Angeles California so I guess she did The Stage manager said she would get it. I thought that was very special. Have a wonderful Career We will be waiting your future endevours… Ever thought about acting? Maybe….

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