Video: “Spark The Fire” Live on People Magazine Awards

Check out Gwen and Pharrell William’s killer live performance of “Spark The Fire” from tonight’s first annual People Magazine Awards. They did a fabulous job and congratulations again to Gwen for picking up People Magazine’s Style Icon of the Year Award!

Video courtesy of NBC.

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  1. Disappointed she never used the cloud in the performance! I did get tired of this song fast, however its nice to see her doing promo.

  2. Wasn’t a fan of this performance AT ALL … and is it just me or did pharrell look very not into it? This song is such a failure …so sad. I love Gwen so much, but I mean really? This whole approach for her solo comeback is dumb!

  3. I think it was an ok performance. I mean, there really isn’t much you can do with this song except for jumping up and down… Gwen seemed to have fun, but Pharrell looked really bored lol. Maybe this was the moment he realized that he wrote and produced Gwen’s biggest solo flop and kind of ruined her whole comeback lol.

  4. It’s nice to watch and definitely great seeing Gwen have fun… I do get that there’s only so far they can really go with performing this though….

  5. Cool! The only thing missing is the giant cloud! But I thought it was her best performance yet. Flawless! 🙌

  6. That was a small ass stage. Maybe Pharrell was tired, he’s not a robot, just a workaholic. and please blah blah blah flop blah, there is nothing to do now, obviosly she’s going to keep performing this song until the end of the year and maybe then change with the Paddington movie out, at this point we have no confirmation when the album will out at all. This awards was great for her celebrity profile, she needs to keep attending events like this one. I wish she attends the PCP 🙂

    Also not everything is lost, she can make a decent music comeback but first she needs a big celebrity comeback and The Voice helped some, but needs wayyyyyy more. Most of the media coverage of the Voice was on the favorites Adam and Blake and people and critics were complaining that this season was too bland that Xtina gave the show some tension that Shakira was better, not just 4 people getting along and smiling. Fans of the show are not begging Gwen to do another season. You don’t see her on media headlines even or after the voice. I think the last time she got real coverage and peple cared enough to comment on social media was when she pregnant.

    She’s 45, women of her age break are J.lo, Mariah, Madonna..they keep flopping and putting shitty albums one after the other then tour to make money. Doubt that would happen with Gwen.

  7. Who cares if STF is a flop? I’m glad she’s around for god’s sake. She will hardly have another hit. My advice is to enjoy all these little moments while they last. I’m really thankful she’s feeling inspired and is doing some performances. She won’t be around forever.

  8. This song makes me feel kinda embarrassed for Gwen… I wish she would take the time to write and release decent music – she sounds out of breath and looks awkward stomping around on the spot in heels on stage in this performance… C’mon Gwen leave this style to the Katy Perrys and Taylor us with what you’re really made of!

  9. Ugh. That backing track! G, you don’t need it! I wish she would have done this performance without Pharrell. He doesn’t have much to add. No wonder he looks bored LOL But overall, I enjoyed it and she sounded really good.

  10. Yeah she needs to realize STF isnt being received well and work on something else. Didnt even make the top 200 on itunes after the performance. Stay away from the rapping gwen! I hope she will go in the studio and create some much better songs and maybe ditch BDL from the album since she was never into it and call STF a buzz single.

  11. Guys, the song was released 19 days ago. She’s still promoting it. It’d be a bit ridiculous to stop just because it’s not the in top 200. Seriously. Give her a break. At least she can say she tried. Maybe in January she will come up with something different but until then I gotta give her props to stand up for it.

  12. Lisa, if I recall correctly it did enter the top 100 on iTunes US, more precisely 47-50, then after a week it was gone from the top 200. There. But it DID enter the top 100.

  13. Lisa’s point was that it didn’t RE-ENTER the top 200 on iTunes after this performance. It’s a bummer, but I think if she wants to keep promoting it then she should.

  14. Ha ok I thought she meant The Voice performance when they premiered the video too.
    Yeah! Well, this last performance still gave it a little push on iTunes but it was not enough. Before the People Mag Awards performance it was #279 (I can’t precise now) and yesterday it was #218… but it dropped again… it’s #251 now…
    They’ll air another STF performance on NYE and then I think it’s the end of it.
    People’s Choice Awards will be on January 7, 2015… I wonder if Gwen will perform too?

  15. I think one problem is that there isn’t much to the song and she isn’t a dancer, therefore the performances aren’t that interesting to people. Her singing along to a vocal track and Pharrell saying “say what, let’s go, etc” isn’t grabbing people.

  16. I’m sure 2015 will be better 🙂 At this point I doubt the album will be released anytime soon, if she ends completing an album, we’ll see it in a few months. As for the PCA I hope she’s a presenter cuz Paddington opens Jan 17. The movie has already made more than 42M just of the UK and Australia and has excellent reviews, so I think Shine has a chance.

  17. Also STF radio rotation didn’t make any sense, how it was supposed to have a chance? I know it didn’t work as Gwen was hopping for, we’ll see what happens. I just hope this blow didn’t fuck up with her head or motivation.

  18. To be honest, even though we haven’t even heard the full song, I think they should start pushing “Shine” now. They should release it internationally, shoot a “Paddington” themed video for it and send it to radio in January instead of STF. This movie is huge and it reaches a very broad audience. This could be an even better chance than The Voice for Gwen.

  19. We don’t know if the movie will be huge (hope so), the same week a Kevin Hart comedy opens and Red States will be all over American Sniper going wide. Will see how box office tracking goes in the nexts weeks.

    NDLOVER-really? I still don’t get it, anyway it will be amazing if someone could confirm that. Maybe Jenny?

  20. I’ve been saying for a few years now I wish ND/Gwen would leave there TIMELESS/CLASSIC/ICONIC catalog of music alone & not put out any more new music and just do special shows, performances etc. STF is kind of embarrassing, and I remember when it was announcent she’d be doing more solo music I said “she’s too old to be a ‘hollaback girl”—– and so many attacked me but this is what I meant, STF is such a juvenile song with goofy lyrics and at 45 years old leave it alllllll to the Miley’s and Katy Perry’s of the world to act a fool, not our beloved and respected Gwen. WE LOVE YOU GWEN/ND ANYWAYS!!

  21. Hmm not to be rude but how many songs of their catalogs can actually be consider TIMELESS/CLASSIC/ICONIC? or are you just talking about the ND fandom? and I’m not making fun Bob just asking for real, cuz when you say that, I think of bands or singers that actually defined a period of time or made such an impact in the world that affected people of a whole generation or more. You know like Nirvana, Madonna, Metallica with the Black Album, U2, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, The Eagles etc..

    STF was a miss but not the end of the world. We’ll see what 2015 brings. The one who is embarrasing right now is Madonna not even J.lo selling her ass instead of music. Gwen will be fine if her personal life and self-esteem is ok even if this “coming” album never sees the light. If that’s not the case then no music/ sad/confused/overwhelmed/I’m a single parent, Gwen will back and that shit will be fucking depressing.

  22. Gwen may not be at the Madonna level of icon, but she definitely has her place among women in music history. Girls my age worshipped her in the 90’s. There was no one like her, so yeah, she did define an era.

    I don’t want ND to stop making music. In fact, I wish they’d make more of it!!

  23. Basically what Bob is trying to say is that Gwen Stefani should stop living her own life and retire lol. Seriously? And who are you to tell her that? Just because you don’t like STF it doesn’t mean she should stop. She could even release the next Gangnam Style for all I care. She’s free to do whatever she wants. In 10-15 years we’ll be looking back and consider some of these new songs part of her “classic / untouchable” catalogue. She still has a full length album to release. I’m sure there will be plenty of songs that people will like. So chill.

  24. Maybe Gwen will put a Beyonce/Madonna and release a bunch of songs early 2015. At this point I just want her happy she has been through a lot in the last few years.

  25. @Jossy, I’m on a ND fan site, Im talking about “TIMELESS/CLASSIC/ICONIC” for ND followers/fans. LOL you seem to take things out of context, keep in mind when i comment its on this ND Fansite lol

    The “Singles Collection” is just a great mix of there best work, and they should leave it be

  26. @NDlover, im not saying ANNNNY of that! i dont think she would even be doing new solo stuff if it werent for her being on the voice and wanting to use that platform to release an album—-that she was rushing—-if she wasnt on the voice i dont think shed push herself for new solo, so in that sense it doesnt seem organic to me, or something shed genuinely been planning or very inspired to release…cuz she never planned on it ——-and as far as her “new album”—–i highly doubt were getting it (thank god)—–shes already given us several hints. at the end of the day i LOVE ND/GWEN (since ’94) and i will support them til the end no matter what!

  27. Haha! She already shot the album cover and all. Are you kidding me? Do you think she’s playing barbies in videos and singing lullabies to kill some time? Right. This album will come out no matter what.

  28. @ndlover, artist shoot music videos and release adds, and sometimes even start promotion themselves and there album gets shelved. It happens to wayyyy bigger artist than Gwen. U2, Beyonce, prince, Britney spears….someone left a good explanation of it all a post back. Ndlover, on the post before this u called out a fan for “thinking they’re always right”–and etc etc—– you’re exactly that same fan just on the opposite spectrum lol. Gwen could release a blank disc with just her farts and you’d have faith that its going to be a big hit lol, I wonder if artist really realize they have people out there that love them sooo much they have there back for anything.. I think its really sweet how hard u stand by your love for Gwen/ND

  29. Dude, you’re so rude and negative. You can’t handle constructive criticism at all. I’m finally figuring you out… and tbh I’d rather you stopped. You’re starting to creep me out. I’m not gonna lose my time trying to explain what I like or dislike, cause you’re not worth my time.

  30. Oh NDLover take a chill pill already and stop with the personal attacks on anybody who has a different opinion from yours.

  31. I think we’re all missing the point here. Gwen is making a third solo album (OMG!!!) lets just enjoy the music she’s putting out and stop worrying about where she charts on iTunes. Even if she’s #1 for weeks it’s not going to make me like the songs more than I already do. I would love to see gwen at #1 again but I’m not going to write off a song just because it doesn’t chart. I ❤️ All her new music and I’m going to continue to enjoy it daily.

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