Photos/Video: Live at the Hollywood Bowl

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Gwen rocked the stage last night alongside Pharrell Williams for “Hollaback Girl” live during CBS’s We Can Survive benefit show held in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. Though it was rumored that she would be debuting “Baby Don’t Lie” live, she only joined Pharrell onstage shortly for “Hollaback Girl”. Pharrell did tease “Spark The Fire” a little after the performance by chanting lyrics from Gwen’s rumored second single. “You’ll remember that…”

Gwen sounded great and looked fabulous in a printed tunic ensemble and white tights.

Click here to see more photos from the performance.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio.

46 Replies to “Photos/Video: Live at the Hollywood Bowl”

  1. The “tease” of STF comment is misleading… In that clip he just sings a lyric from it. It’s not a preview of the actual song??

    So this was for Pharrell’s set? I thought she mentioned in an interview that she can’t keep performing this song over and over again…. I mean, she sounds good is is clearly having fun but…

  2. how boring SOLO era , no promotion, no good videos, no photos, no shows, …and its looks like she wont be on the EMAs

  3. Oh well…BDL is not a Pharrell song so I guess HG was their only option. It would have been smarter to do STF though.

  4. It’s probably because she’s not ready… Hard to market n promote an album that is not finished but by the looks of it, Baby don’t lie is shapin up as a buzz track than a first single. Either that or she really meant what she said about this being a side project and back to no doubt she goes. It just so weird bc she is a major artist on a professional management company yet it feels like she is acting like a independent artist on her own…

  5. I guess they didn’t perform Spark The Fire cause BDL was just released and she didn’t even perform it. And as Amanda said BDL isn’t a Pharrell production so it wouldn’t make much sense. At least she was there, still good fun!! 🙂

  6. I was expecting a short set since she was billed on the lineup — but I’m not surprised at the same time. Oh well, she looked amazing and seemed to having the time of her life. I’m just dying to hear “Baby Don’t Lie” live.

    It’s also a bummer if they are waiting for the Voice live shows because that is at least two weeks away.

  7. Remember that they said Gwen would make a “special appearance”, so that’s basically what it was. Nobody said that she would perform BDL or even more than one song. That was all just in our heads. Remember that this “show” wasn’t even broadcasted on TV or anywhere else… Promoting a new single there wouldn’t have had any effect. Remember what Gwen’s manager said in the Billboard interview: She will premiere her first single on The Voice. I could see her having an exclusive deal with NBC saying that the first live performance of BDL has to be on The Voice.

  8. Yea weird she would save a live performance for three weeks. What is to gain from that? Normally one would be promoting their new single right away and as much as possible. Oh well. We all have our speculations but I’m just confused now.

    I’m.not into this look. It’s very unflattering to her body and kinda just blah. Please take this lightly. It’s just my opinion. Nothing mean spirited here. Also, she been rocking this pinned hair a bunch and I also think it’s a bad look for her. It frames her face poorly and is kind if dowdy. It’s also too perfect that it just looks lifeless. Her looks have been sooo polished with this new stylist. Really not digging it. This includes the voice looks too. It’s all just a tad too perfect and precious. Not much edge or grit.
    Am I the only one who feels this way?

  9. Such a slight disappointment here but at least Gwen is having fun… I think Pharrell does just love Gwen; I bet Pharrell just said hey can I get Gwen to do an appearance with me and bang her on the lineup to give her name some promotion I guess?!?! All these appearances and guest spots still put her name around, even if she’s not doing anything new….

    Also, I really like this outfit.. I looked at Gwen here and actually thought WOW how good is Gwen looking..

  10. Quite disappointing after gwen said in all those interviews how she is tired of performing hollaback. I guess we should have known better when they said she would be a “special performance” as opposed to a headliner. But I will say gwen does look great here!

  11. So weird she sung hollaback girl … why the hell would someone sing a ten year old song when you have a hit new single out? At a big event? Is beyond me lol -_- I’m so confused

  12. if u are not going to perform sth new or at least ur last track Bdl THEN DO NOT SHOW UP in any show, i dont get whats the point to join pharell and sing over and over again the same song.besides i dont like her panties. why dont u show ur legs … that white panties and black boots dont match each other.

  13. She needs to fire her new stylist .. I miss when her stylist was Andrea lieberman -_- Gwen’s look is too polished and perfect lately … Where’s the edge at? Oh a black clip in hair extension? so edgy -_- Gwen what’s really going on?! Stop embarrassing yourself performing a ten year old song …especially when you have a hit new.single.. her new management team or team of people or interscope aren’t going a great job at.promoting her new single. I’m so confused …I was looking forward to hearing BDL live … but shockingly … (or not so much) it was hollaback girl… it’s mind boggling …

  14. What is wrong with you people? I too have been disappointed with the last No Doubt album and I feel that the new single isn’t exactly the best that she’s come out with but what’s with all the bashing?. You’d think that this was a site for Gwen haters the way some of you go on.

    I think she looks fab and look at her schedule : Mum of 3, Wife, Clothes designer, Judge on the voice, recording material with No Doubt and solo work. She has done promo with the radio stations, a No Doubt gig, a special appearance (what have you done today?) and I’m sure it’s just getting started. The album isn’t even finished yet, what do you want?

  15. It’s super dissapionted, what the point of having even a comeback and not promote it properly? and choose the first single just because it was the first done. the whole thing is turning out to be amateurish and luckbuster. If they wanted it to premiere it at the Voice, why the rush? and relese ir so soon, it’s a mess. If she wanted a side project without the promo and just for the hell of it, release the whole thing like Beyonce did.

    Fergie is doing more promo (like it’s should be) and her song sucks even more than BDL.

  16. ^ It was the 1st finished song. Doesn’t mean she only has that song. You people really like to twist things. lol

  17. Seriously, when did this fanbase become so oversensitve and generally negative? I don’t like this. I totally understand that all of us are a little more aware of certain things, because of all the mistakes that were made during the P&S era… but recently it just got out of control. Seriously, we got a brand new single only a few days ago, but instead of excitement and fun there’s only (inappropriate) disappointment and slightly rude complaints everywhere.

    I feel really bad for Jenny and everyone else from BSO, who really put so much time and love in this fansite. And all they get is negative comments on every single topic. Of course being a fan doesn’t mean that you have to love everything, but some people really tend to overanalyze every little thing only to find something new to complain about.

  18. Why the hell do some people think that fans have to love/preach everything their idols do? We, as human beings, owners of brains, which contains neurons, are able/entitled to an opinion. We – to the shock of some – can think differently ¬¬.

    This era came as a surprise, ok. The single came unnoticed, ok. Do I love it? I do, but some fans may not, and do not condemn them to limbo just because. The beggining of this is poorly led. Why HBG again? Why is there no promotion for BDL? I know this is supposed to be fun, but I do not want to see an artist, who I love so much, fall so greatly in quality. Do not ruin your name, Gwen. You’re one of the bestest at what you do, and even Billboard, in their review of BDL, says she’s playing it too safe for Gwen Stefani.

  19. After one day of promo and a bad video, I think she’s not even playing it safe, just not playing it at all. I understand her other brands needed to re-launch because probably they weren’t making money anymore and she’s the main provider on her house. I get you need to play bills, the huge entourge, the big house, the lawyers, assitants, manager etc we see this all the time with actors. But If she’s not ready to do all that comes to do a proper comeback, then don’t do it. Release an album for yourself that makes you happy and learn from Beyonce.

  20. Again, the single has been out for five days… five lousy days, not five weeks. Just RELAX for God’s sake. Why would they waste all possible ways of promoting the single in the first day after its release? What would they do in five weeks then? The single was perfectly promoted in its first week and it showed on iTunes and on the airplay charts. What else was Gwen supposed to do in this very first five days? Five different live performances on five different TV shows? Yeah, great… and what would she do next week? And the week after? There aren’t unlimited TV shows to promote music in the USA.

    This “We can survive” event wasn’t even broadcasted on TV. Literally NOBODY would’ve seen a performance of BDL.

  21. You’re right, Jossy. I totally agree with you.

    I really really hope I’m wrong and she surprises us all with surprises and cards up her sleeve. But please, Gwen, do not take your fans for granted. Though I’ll surely love you forever, I want to see you thrive in greatness once again.

  22. I’m so glad that when it comes to things I love like No Doubt and Gwen Stefani that I don’t listen to all these negative comments, which are stupid by the way. I love them no matter what. I love and will continue to love all the albums, singles, etc that they put out. I know Im not alone in that. 😀

    1. No, it hasn’t.

      I just feel like a lot of fans are more vocal lately about everything since promo was less than stellar during the Push and Shove era. Everything seemed to snowball from there but I can understand both sides at times. Fans picking on each other is ridiculous though. I just don’t want everyone to have that impression of the site because we all love No Doubt and I strive really hard to create a positive outlet for everyone to discuss their favorite band.

      1. I really enjoyed all the twitter promotion of Push and Shove, by the band. When the record came out, I grew to like it and was excited for the tour. The frustration came not because of their bad choice in one video, but that they seemed to disown all of the new music and quit a tour. I just want them to own it! It doesn’t have to be perfect. They are trying hard to be too perfect, Gwen as well. I wish they would forget the success of the distant past and own what they (and Gwen) have now!

  23. Jenny,

    Out of curiosity have you ever met with the band backstage? And I know they have expressed their support and gratitude for the fansite to you I just wonder if it was ever in person.

    1. Yes! I’ve only met them once. They invited myself and my co-webmasters backstage on the 2009 tour. No Doubt and their management team have always been really supportive of myself and my team over the past 15 years and it’s been pretty surreal to say the least. <3

  24. Yeah…. Like Jo said, “What have you done today?”

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but damn y’all like to b*tch a lot. This album is still being put together so let’s at least give it some time first.

    Also, she looks amazing here and her personality really shines through. She seems really happy lately.

  25. Has anyone listened to the Scandanavian artists song? Gwen’s new song sounds exactly like it. Does anyone else feel the same way? Even though you’re Gwen fans you can’t ignore a song when It has been ripped off. I love her as well but very disappointed.Gwen doing Hollaback girl is old and tiring, she’s starting to remind me of Madonna, please Gwen just be yourself and stop letting management push you to do things! Even though she looks great it’s obvious she’s trying hard to stay in the lime light.

  26. When’s enough, enough Gwen? If you can’t produce good material then don’t do it! You had a great run at the solo thing. Doing songs here and there for other artists then that’s fine but Please she contradicts herself! While promoting Push and Shove she said she will not do a solo album again, she’s done with it, being in a band is who she is.Unfortunately people money talks she’s cashing in all her chips!

  27. If she just want to cash out to matein her lifestyle, nothing wrong with that, since her husband is a .. I just STFU about him, just do a vegas residence like Celine Dion. The DJ tweeted it was a rip off of her song.
    I don’t expect more from her single, just see it fall over the charts its like she knows its a forgettable song and that’s why she stop promoting it lol

  28. Poker Face-

    She said at one point in time she was done with solo music. Things change… That’s life. She seems really happy right now. If she is feeling inspired to do it, then she should do it. She already explained how it happened. She wasn’t planning on it, but then she was asked to do The Voice and she was around Pharrel again. Besides, she is still writing for a new No Doubt album so it’s not like she is putting them aside for this. If she really wants to make this new solo album, what is she suppose to do? Not make it because in the past she said she didn’t want to again????

    Also, everyone needs to stop judging an album they haven’t even heard yet(and isn’t finsished). You have heard one song and a short sample of another, that’s it. And none of you are in her head. You do not know her motivations. Some seem to think she is a sellout only wanting the spotlight. I happen to think she loves all different kinds of music and this new solo album gives her a change to explore new things again while also making new No Doubt music. What is wrong with that? It’s MUSIC! Yet you are all so down on her.

  29. Not down on her but when you put your hands into too many things something is bound to turn to shit. I love her but she is getting older and she should seriously stop acting like she’s 20. Seriously, Gwen on the voice is watching a car wreck. She has nothing to say? It’s always the same words and laughing. Her husband is on the show to promote his new album, I guess he figured everyone loves Gwen so I’ll use her to get what I want.Gwens just a pretty face and that’s why she’s on the voice. Yes she’s working on NoDoubt stuff but relally the last album took what 3 yrs and it was not great…. So something they put together in a yrs
    time is going to be any better? Gwen and the band have to hurry up and get this album all done so people who watch the voice will remember who Gwen is! I just think she has so many other things going on like her clothing lines that music doesn’t have to be her priority anymore.

  30. I compared both songs
    and yes Gwen copied this poor girls song. I feel bad for Gwen because she probably had no idea because everything is fed to her. I think that Gwen should step up and pull the single. That would be the right thing to do, and fire whom ever produced it!

  31. Gwen doesn’t play an instrument, she hardly writes her music . She basically is given a pitch. It’s management that does everything. Poor ND guys just tag along like puppies just to make up financially for all the money she has made on solo stuff and clothing.

    1. It’s probably one lame person under various nicknames. At least that’s what I hope and tbh names such as “GIVE IT UP”, “POKER FACE” and “SHAME SHAME SHAME” sound like they were made up by one person to spread hate. I’ve never seen this nicknames on here before.

      If it’s more than one person, I really wonder why these people would come here only to bitch around. Like… if you don’t like how things are with Gwen lately, then maybe just stop following her? Let it go.

  32. If you read the comments from “SHAME SHAME SHAME”, “GIVE IT UP”, “ND”, “POKER FACE” and “GWENNY GWEN GWEN” it’s really obvious that it’s the same person lol. Super lame. Actually I even think it sounds like “JOSSY”. Get a life.

  33. I would like to know where all these people have been the past few years? I don’t recognize most of these names and why show up now that Gwen is solo again? Some fans!

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