Photos: The Great Gatsby After-Party

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Gwen’s back in New York and last night she was spotted at an after-party for the new The Great Gatsby movie held at the top of the Standard lounge at the Museum of Modern Art. She looked so glamorous and it’s great to see her out and about again.

Click here to see more photos.

She and Gavin are also on the guest list for tonight’s Met Gala held in New York City so we think there is a great chance we’ll be seeing her there!

Gwen with Katy Perry (caryneer)





18 Replies to “Photos: The Great Gatsby After-Party”

  1. Her hair and makeup look nice, but that dress makes her look boxy. Not one of her cuter outfits.

  2. She has an athletic body so dresses with sleeves are a no no for that type of body plus teh cut of the dress is not tailored to fit that body type but overall the ensemble is nice

  3. Gwen stands next to Frida Perry and she’s like, “yea I did the whole frida thing in 2005”

  4. @david B LOL their pose does look a bit awkward considering Katy opened for a show or 2… hahah

  5. I think Gavin is on tour…?

    I wouldn’t have paired knee high boots with that dress, but she still looks very nice. I love that her face has softened a bit. Stay that way Gwen, say no to botox!

  6. Amanda G
    I remembered that dress when I saw it on the fashion television show here in Canada and the model had thigh high boots but they matches better than Gwen’s boots so I guess she wanted to keep the same styling as the Chanel one

  7. Interesting! It’s a very odd dress, but next to Katy Perry Gwen looks like a million bucks LOL

  8. @Amanda G Katy Perry is gorgeous! What are you talking about?? Agreed it is not her best look but she still looks pretty darn good.

  9. No guys
    The dress is not horrible
    Go check it out on the model from the Chanel fall 2013 fashion show. The model looked good on that dress and I think it was tailored to fit the model’s body type and Gwen did not tailor hers. But sometimes it looks good on a size 000 model and look strange on an athletic person like Gwen

    1. EXACTLY! If Gwen had had the dres tailored to her more athletic frame, this wouldn’t be an issue. But it’s not, so it makes her look shapeless and matronly.

  10. Amanda G:
    Now that you showed the Chanel Picture I think it looks better on Stella Tennant than on Gwen
    OMG I can’t believe I just said that
    BTW Did you know that teh model is only 1 year younger than Gwen? They both look good for women in their 40s

  11. mmm I can’t figure it out if it’s a good or bad dress…i think Gwen looks older in that, but somehow she looks really pretty…and I agree that dress looks better on the model

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