Photos: “The Bling Ring” Los Angeles Premiere





The Bling Ring Los Angeles Premiere

The Bling Ring Los Angeles Premiere

"The Bling Ring" - Los Angeles Premiere

"The Bling Ring" - Los Angeles Premiere

"The Bling Ring" - Los Angeles Premiere




Wow! Gwen and Gavin attended and walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Bling Ring” (which Gavin stars in as “Ricky”) hosted by Vanity Fair held at the Directors Guild Theater tonight. The couple looked absolutely stunning together and Gwen is wearing Balmian from the Spring 2013 collection.

Click here to see more photos.

Gavin also shared this cute photo of the two out on a “date night”.

And check out videos of Gwen and Gavin arriving and walking the red carpet.

23 Replies to “Photos: “The Bling Ring” Los Angeles Premiere”

  1. THOSE PHOTOGRAPHERS, Yell and Holler entirely too Damn much. Poor Mr. Gavin and Mrs. Gwen. They are both looking wonderful. They compliment each other so well.

    1. Yeah, I bet that the yelling does get a little too much for them but they do it to get their attention for their shots.

  2. I think so… her face resembles Nicole Kidman’s sometimes. I do think she has work done. Little makes you look natural and young, using it on a frequent basis gives you that frozen look. Not judging her… I’m 30 something and don’t like the idea of getting old either, but I would go a more natural look.

  3. I think Gwen looks gorgeous and I LOVE her hair like that. <3

    It's also super refreshing to see the band out at events again. It's great to see them!

  4. Gavin, THANK YOU for not wearing that stupid bun. I’m having 90’s flashbacks seeing his hair down like this again 😀 I agree with Simon though, he did look awesome when he shaved his head during his solo era. It’s crazy how they both pretty much look the same. I can’t believe he’s nearing FIFTY.

    Gwen looks nice.

  5. it was sweet that the photogs asked for a solo of Gwen and they still stayed together anyways…

  6. I don’t like her anymore, she looks too skinny!! I liked her better when she had some more flesh around the bone.

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