Photos: Spring 2014 ShoeDazzle Catalog

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Check out photos of the Spring 2014 ShoeDazzle catalog featuring gx styles (and new photos of Gwen!) that ships directly with your order from

These photos came courtesy to us from Jenn Deville and are such a special treat!

2 Replies to “Photos: Spring 2014 ShoeDazzle Catalog”

  1. I hate to hurt Gwen’s business, but I just got my bag and I’m going to return it right away. There’s glue on it and it’s marked up already and I haven’t even used it. I could have gotten a cheap Coach bag instead. I’m not impressed.

    1. I’ve heard from others too that there are quality issues… bummer! I hope you get a speedy return — I’ve also read that ShoeDazzle can be a nightmare.

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