Photos: ‘Paddington’ Premiere Red Carpet

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Gorgeous Gwen was spotted walking the red carpet this afternoon at the Paddington premiere held at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood. Her new track with Pharrell Williams “Shine” is included during the film’s ending credits.

She posed with Paddington Bear himself and producer Harvey Weinstein.

Click here to see more photos.

Photos courtesy of Getty.

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61 Replies to “Photos: ‘Paddington’ Premiere Red Carpet”

  1. So sad Gwen couldn’t be bothered to greet and sign two autographs for the two of us who came to support her. Gwen, it would have taken two seconds. You made two LONG time fans very SAD. Funny how she had no problem posing with Hollywood heavy weights.

  2. Scott, that’s kinda mean. Was it the right time to ask her for autographs? Cause she usually is VERY welcome and receptive to fans. She’s not a diva at all.

  3. Lisa, actually I think she’s starting to look more natural. I don’t think she has done anything in months. Hopefully she has started to embrace her age.

  4. it was the exact time to ask, Again, there were only two of us with memorabilia. She barely waved coming and leaving. I have been turned down by Gwen more than once now. She is out promoting the song for the movie. A premiere is where stars sign and quickly meet fans. It kills me as a long time fan who has bought tickets, albums, singles, lithographs, etc. to have Gwen not to take two seconds to come over. Her children weren’t with her either. Gavin dropped her off and waited in the car. After she finished pictures, she left. I am heartbroken.

  5. WOW, sorry to hear that, im so glad i didnt go (Ive also been turned away by her, it does really hurt)

    She saw you guys though?? what did you bring to sign, do you think she saw it?? god that saddens me.

    &Her face is totally puffy in that last pic, she looks amazing though

  6. It sounds like she was in a hurry. Sorry you didn’t get a moment with her. I’d be bummed too.

    She looks so tiny next to HW! Lol

  7. I brought my Sweet Escape promo poster (totally visible to Gwen)….I LOVE this poster, Push and Shove Picture Disc (all the guys have signed this), and my Bath Water import single (all the guys have signed this). Did I expect her to sign EVERYTHING….absolutely not. I just brought what I wanted signed and thought I would put out one of the items in that moment of major excitement.

  8. That really sucks Scott kind of shitty of her part, next time she should be more gracious with her fans.
    Her face does look puffy but I think its the make up, her face looked fine yesterday.

  9. Yeah it sounds like she was in a hurry. She didn’t stay to watch the movie either? Sorry about that. Bad timing! Maybe next time you’ll get lucky!

  10. Thanks Jossy and NDLOVER. Nicole Kidman left early too. I think they have seen the movie a number of times already. Ha ha.

  11. It seemed like the perfect time to get something signed considering she didnt have her children,, the last 2 times i saw her she had at least one of her kids both times & i would never approach her while she had them,,, some other people went up to her one of the times though and i think she took a couple selfies. Shes usually always really cool.. Adrian is the only one who seems like hes bothered by fans or pics/autographs—-maybe bothered is the wrong word….idk.

  12. I think she HAD to be there after the comment from the head of distribution of The Weistein Company. Anyway Gwen is not a mean spirit person, still shitty move she should be grateful for every fan specially now. I had kind of the same exprience with Angelina Jolie years ago (I’m a HUGE fan) and I was so dissapointed and pissed but time was on my side an a few of years later the “incident” I got to met her and chat with her for like 10 minutes it was an experience of a lifetime. Also I want to add that Brad Pitt is really hot in person lol

    Anyway PATS! 😀 😀

  13. Also I get they are human and are allowed to have a bad day, their job is to smile and pretend to be happy but sometimes is not what really goes on. What she did to Scott was uncalled and divaish and I’m not going to justify her but who knows what was on her mind. She’s usually very fan friendly unlike others.

    Angie is the BEST so fucking nice and the way she looks at you when you talk to her, its like she’s totally paying attention to you and only you even if there with a gazillion people in the room, I can’t describe it,just AMAZING and now she’s a DAME and met the Pope.*sigh*

  14. I can totally understand your disappointment, but at the same time I feel like you are the ones, who are being ungrateful 😉 At least you got to see Gwen in person and it sounded like it wasn’t the first time. I’d do ANYTHING to see her in person at least once, but unfortunately I live in Germany and not in the USA. I will probably never get to see her in my whole life, so yeah no offense, but to me you guys are a bit rude and ungrateful. Events like these are work for celebrities, not fun. They have to be there to do their job, not to give autographs.

    You’re right. Gwen was working. Part of a celebrity’s job is to promote his or her work to people so they go see the film and buy the CD / song. The fans are a celebrity’s bread and butter. Without the fans, they do not make money. So part of promoting is meeting the fans. I have spent a lot of money on buying albums and other memorabilia. The fans help Gwen and her beautiful family lead a privileged lifestyle. My point is, it would not have taken very long to sign two quick signatures and then gone to the carpet. I could have been writing a major freak out report of how cool it was for her to come over and take a minute to meet the two of us. All in all, I do not think I am being ungrateful. You did not see how it went down.

    From one fan to another, I am sorry you have not had a chance to see No Doubt in person. I know they have been to Germany, so I hope you will get to see them one day.


  16. @AMANDA G, every time ive been around Adrian he just didnt seem engaged with fans, where as Tony & Tom will strike up small talk, look you in the eyes—-Adrian doesnt acknowledge you and if u try asking a question or talking to him he’ll respond but in a way that lets u know he doesnt wanna talk—–hes kind of awkward. Ive experienced this (maybe 4-5 times) when the environment is fan friendly, like a meet&greets & public events where you would expect fans asking for pics/signatures. The other times ive been around Adrian werent public events, where the area is VIP/private/behind the scenes/party (3-4times) where the environment isnt one where anyone is asking for pics or cares that he’s in ND, you know? &those times ive been around him hes really different.

    on the “Rock Steady Live” DVD on the bonus interviews hes asked what his pet peeve is or something and he said he really dislikes doing meet & greets… after i heard him say that & i reflected back on all the times ive met him or been around him it made a lot of sense lol

  17. Wow Jossy! Hold your horses! I think you’re overreacting. I met Gwen in person and she’s far forming a diva. Like someone said Gavin was in the car waiting for here. Probably she couldn’t really spare 2 secs. Does that make her a bad person? Gwen is the 1st to acknowledge her fans and thank them because otherwise she wouldn’t be where she is today. I think it’s so easy to judge people. I feel bad for Scott, but maybe it was not the time. I hope he get’s another chance. I’m sure he will and then he will see how wonderful she is.

  18. @YEAHYEAHYEAH, oh my god i feel awful for you and fans outside the USA. i completely forget not everyone here is American. wow, it must be hard for those who are not. Im in SoCal so i can never imagine what its like not being able to see ND. Fans like you realllllly do stand by the band and prob would appreciate them a whole lot more than a regular American fan lol.

    I should mail you some grass from the Beacon Street house LOL, or a ND/Anahiem postcard or something special, lol actually i have some OC Weeklys with ND on the cover from over the years, or the OC news paper “Orange County Register” when ND’s been on the cover. i think i have an extra copy of when Gwens TragicKingdom dress was stolen. im not sure what extra stuff i have if i looked. i dont know if u have any of this but if you want let me know. Germany is sooooo far away from Anaheim!! lol

  19. Interesting Bob! Maybe he’s just not a “small talk” kind of guy. I can only imagine how awkward it can be to have strangers know everything about you 😉

    Jenny, you should start a thread where fans can share their (hopefully positive) experiences meeting the band. I think it’s interesting.

  20. I didn’t realize how many commenters weren’t from the U.S. If English is not your native language, you speak it very well.

  21. @AMANDA G, i think Adrian maybe just lacks a bit with his social skills?? idk —–some people dont react well to interacting with strangers you know?? Hes not rude or anything… just kinda weird lol. have you met him before??

  22. I’m timid around strangers too so I can sort of understand the way he acts haha No, I haven’t met any of them. During the 2009 tour I worked at a venue they played at and could have worked that night and been able to meet or see them and their families, but I choose to take the day off and attend the show instead. I think I made the right decision because my co-workers didn’t have nice things to say about them and I’d rather not ruin the image I have of them, if that makes sense LOL

  23. @AMANDA G, ya i TOTALLY know what you mean, the very first time i met Gwen i was so worried! i was shitting my pants —–if she wouldve been rude or whatever, i wouldve felt so stupid for being so committed to ND in every way & all the love i have for her wouldve been smashed. but of course she was perfection. she could tell i was realllly nervous and was kind of teasing me, she had her arm around me and everything. MY DREAM GIRL <3

  24. I hear ya! Adrian is my favorite and the reason I was first interested in the band all those years ago and I’d be super bummed if I didn’t get a picture with him or a smile, etc. So, I’m fine admiring all of them from afar 😉

  25. I am outside us fan and met Gwen Stefani 3 times. Twise at same venue and other venue. I was lucky,that my position at fanclub. Made me able to meet them severa times. I met No Doubt back in 2002. I met Gwen outside venue (allthrough blocked by gate) and later whole band in venue. I met Gwen Stefani in 2007 again. During Sweet Escape Tour. That was in bigger venue. Got the feeling more people couldn`t meet her outside meet and greet in venue. In 2002 and 2007..i met Stephen Bradley..both without meet and greet. Just on random places. You have to be lucky. Sometimes they more time as others. But they are always friendly.

    Beside this whole story. I met even different & bigger artists. I met Britney Spears without meet and greet and saw her twise. Other Artists I met were Snoop dogg, Norah Jones, Enrique Iglesias and last but not least Paul McCartney. I got selfies with those last artists. My photo with Paul McCartney got most positive responds. It`s still on dutch vipspot site on main page. (

    Sometimes u lucky and sometimes u don`t. I even tryed many times and got like zero results. But keep trying.

  26. Even if, we call her ” a star”, she is only a human and just a girl.
    Maybe also she is tired with all her projects ….
    She is not a robot….

  27. Yeah Mariette we know how you managed to met her during TSE tour. lol Patrick anyone? He actually kind of stalked her on every M&G. Creepy! But let’s not go there. This is not the space for this.

  28. Omg I remember Patrick Larson from NDIFC haha such a creepy dude! I would’ve probably had a heart attack out of sheer excitement had I met the band in the Tragic Kingdom days but I’m so sad I never saw No Doubt live much less got to meet any member IRL. ;-( You Americans are really lucky!
    Btw Bob, you’re sweet for saying that. Though I don’t necessarily need no doubt grass. 😉

  29. NDlover, you need to stop defending Gwen like she’s your sister. At the end of the day, you don’t know her and you weren’t there.
    The same has happened to me backstage at a ND concert. She refused to have any photos with fans or sign stuff. She was standing around doing nothing and we had all just spent money on concert tickets obviously, the fans were all dressed up like no doubt fans. Luckily the boys were awesome.
    Gwen is a total diva sometimes, I’ve seen it loads, it happens. face it.

  30. Yeahyeahyeah I don’t live in the US either, so the rare chance I got to meet Gwen and she refused photos makes it even worse. No, I wasn’t grateful just to be in her presence, She’s not a god.

  31. Yes NDIFC was the spot. Brandon was such a nice guy. Brandon are you out there?
    He got me backstage twice back in 98 I think. I met Gwen once. It’s such a blur. I was so young and so nervous!
    She gave me a big hug though 🙂

  32. Amanda, he tried to reopen the FC, after he and Brandon parted and some people acused him of getting the money and not sending anything back.

  33. As for the old school websites, NDIFC was not one of the best, The Doghouse, Spiderwebs and there was one from the UK that had so many stuff (that was around 98/99), they were much better…

  34. Obviously there were other great websites, but the FC was well known at the time. There aren’t many left now. They all gave up I guess haha

  35. They’re not teenagers / in their 20s anymore. People move on and have other priorities in real life such as full time jobs, kids, etc.

  36. I wouldn’t want people hounding me all the time. They are no different. I would just leave them alone, but Enrique Iglesias? I would go crazy! I KNOW he would be great because HE took a photo of my sister and I back in 1998. haha!

  37. The photo was taken from a ledge and he was below at a concert arena, so we didn’t get to meet him. He told us to hold on using his hands, so he can take a photo. He was taking photos of the Arizona sunset and saw my sister and I. If he took the photo or not, I don’t know, but it was such a cool experience.

  38. I always thought she was vain and arrogant,and thats why i loved her, her atittude in wywf and hollaback girl showd that she wasnt a simple singer but the popstar singer.

    however nowadays she changed a lot and turned humble and kind, i prefer the bad Gwen tbh

  39. LAMB, we’re probably talking of different persons then. She’s known for being very down to earth. Don’t confuse her attitude on stage with her personality in real life.

  40. Gwen arrogant? Not at all. She has always been anything but. One of the most real, down to earth and humble celebrities. She has admitted to being vain but it doesn’t come across that way to me anyways.

  41. I didn’t know being humble was a bad quality LOL Arrogant is not a word I would use to describe her. She has confidence and attitude on stage, but I love how in real life she’s traditional and sweet. She’s admittedly vain, but that’s because she’s insecure IMO.

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