Photos of Gwen’s Windows Phone Print Ad

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I received my copy of Allure magazine in the mail and I spotted Gwen right when I flipped open the cover! It’s the first time I’ve seen her print ad for Windows Phone so I wanted to share a few photos. The ad is also appearing on billboards across the country (not to mention her face is plastered over a huge wall in Seattle!)

4 Replies to “Photos of Gwen’s Windows Phone Print Ad”

  1. <3 I'm close to considering this phone when my contract is up, ONLY because Gwen is involved. I wonder if there are any default wallpapers or screen themes with No Doubt images or something.

    THAT would have me sold. lol

  2. Oh c’mon…you know she really uses an iPhone… 😉 (Actually I don’t know, but the one celeb i know about who did this went straight back to her iPhone after a few weeks w the Windows phone, which was compliments of the company, obviously). I wouldn’t make a smartphone decision based on this kind of marketing … Clothes and makeup, maybe…but not this.

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