NYC LinkedIn for Interview with Daniel Roth (Updated)


LinkedIn has shared their new insightful interview with Gwen from last week’s meeting in NYC with Daniel Roth. She talks about marketing herself and her inspiration behind her new album. Gwen opened up again how her label was hesitant in the art direction she wanted for the album’s cover down to the hand drawn doodles.


Gwen stopped by the LinkedIn Studios in New York City this past Thursday for an interview with Executive Editor Daniel Roth. She looked incredible and posed for photos and chatted with Roth for something we hope to see soon.

Last month, Gwen became a part of LinkedIn and gave an interesting and thoughtful Influencer Q&A with Roth.

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  1. I love hearing her talk about her business ventures. I would love to see her during the creative process with her products. Love seeing her passionate n inspired 🙂

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