Photos: Full L.A.M.B. RTW Spring 2014 Collection

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With Fashion Week just starting to kick off, has shared looks from the entire L.A.M.B. RTW collection for Spring 2014 as well as their thoughts on the latest from the line.

We think it’s killer — we’re seeing trendy jumpsuits, gorgeous prints, flowing maxi dresses, zippers and bright colors just in time for Spring.

Gwen reached out in an email and says that the line was inspired by a “vintage military” piece found at a flea market. Pointing out the rad denim jumpsuit, Gwen calls it “incredible” and it’s that one piece from the collection that got her excited from the beginning for the line. Gwen admits that this line is definitely a little on the softer side for L.A.M.B. saying it’s “somewhat streamlined”.

Click here to see photos from the entire collection!

By Brittany Adams

Earlier this year, punk suddenly became the new black, making Gwen Stefani’s rebellious personal style relevant (not to mention commercially viable) all over again. That’s good news for her L.A.M.B. line, which aims to capture the singer’s inimitable fashion sense and attitude—or “Gwenitude,” as her design team calls it. The jumping-off point for the contemporary label’s Spring collection was a vintage military jumpsuit Stefani happened across at a flea market, which had amazing pocket details and zips everywhere. “It was incredible,” she said via e-mail. “I love finding that one thing that gets me excited when starting a new season.” Surely enough, a utilitarian all-in-one done in soft chambray was one of the highlights here, and its relaxed silhouette was echoed throughout on silk drop-crotch trousers and cargo track pants toughened up with hardware accents.

Elsewhere, a series of safety orange pieces including a cool biker jacket and architectural shorts cut from a spongy double crepe added a zesty pop of color. Overall, though, this was a subdued lineup, and Stefani admitted it was a bit of a departure. “It’s a quieter collection than in the past—somewhat streamlined.” An on-trend sheer maxi dress featuring a grunge floral print tapped into her new softer side.

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  1. The rumor about her being pregnant is all over the net I even heard it on the radio, but I refuse to believe anything until its officially confirmed by Gwen her self. Jenny what are your thoughts?…

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