11 thoughts on “Photos: iHeartRadio Music Awards – Backstage

  1. She looks great, but I’m noooooooooooooot a fan of the dress. It’s not very flattering imho. And what about some colours? I feel like we’ve seen her wearing nothing but black for a very long time now.

  2. She needs to step it up fashion wise in my opinion… That dress is cute, but it does nothing for her. It’s nice to see her smiling though.

  3. I guess she decided to play it safe with that dress. Although it appears that she lost all the baby weight, she’s still not totally back in shape. She knows best what to wear for that effect.

  4. It’s not even just the dress. The hair is really blah too. I guess I just miss her creative side that seemed to wane after 2007. New stylists would help.

  5. She’s probably dressing to look great while feeling great since she JUST HAD A BABY! Geez. Anyone who comments on this either has never had one or lost the weight in a month.

  6. Is that aimed at me? You’re acting like I said she looks fat or something. That couldn’t be further from the truth. She looks amazing for just giving birth. She looked amazing during her pregnancy as well.

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