Photos: Holiday Harvest Volunteer Event

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Gwen and her two sons, Zuma and Kingston, took part during today’s Holiday Harvest Volunteer Event held at Shawn’s Pumpkin Patch hosted by Feeding America and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. They pulled together to help during the event and posed for a few sweet photos. Her boys are getting so big!

13 Replies to “Photos: Holiday Harvest Volunteer Event”

  1. Just read something interesting on TMZ about their custody arrengment (I hate gossip…): “Sources connected with the couple tell us, Gwen and Gavin will get joint custody with their 3 children. We’re told the agreement provides a 50/50 split in physical custody, but we’re told Gavin will actually have the kids for the majority of time because of Gwen’s touring schedule. “. So that means Gwen will be busy the next coming months. That sounds like good news.

  2. I don’t believe any of that gossip. One site was also saying he was asking for their mansion, spousal support and 50k every month.

  3. On TMZ also says that “we’re told Gavin agreed to take far less than his 50% share of the community property. Under California law they’re each entitled to half, but our sources say Gavin took much less … presumably to reach a quick settlement.
    As for stories that Gwen and Gavin were fighting over money, we’re told that was never the case.”

    I think this is more believable and reasonable, considering Gavin and Gwen have 3 children and will see each other all the time. I really can’t picture Gavin being that monster going after her money. I think some gossip sites are making it sound worse than it is.

  4. I don’t see how he would be a monster anyway. They didn’t have a prenup and it’s Cali law to split things 50/50. If he decided to take less for whatever reason, I think that’s more than fair.

  5. It was THEIR money though…in the eyes of the law. So I think he’s being more than fair/reasonable. Thank goodness!

  6. I’m glad he wasn’t that greedy, especially for their kids. Gwen may have more money but after all it’s for their kids’ future.

  7. Yes its their money, and she has made quite a bit less these few years because it was his turn to tour. We know if Gwen can work she pulls in MILLIONS vs his indie records and tours. No shade, just honest. The Voice is a side job when the kids are in school and she is nursing…vs a tour because the kids had school. WHY we didnt didnt get a tour with No Doubt. Kids before music. So knowing their kids can google this someday its annoying to read she will see her kids less because she is touring. Knowing she doesnt breath/do fashion week…if it effects them.

  8. Lmao Gwen is worth $200 million her Voice contract alone is $25 million she is wealther than Gavin will ever dream of Being and yes she bought him off $50 million not to mention her royalty checks her kids kids will have money Gwen is on her way to being a billionaire

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