Updated: Harajuku Lovers Collection Launch Party Hosted by Chasing Fireflies

Super kawaii! Gwen took part and hosted a launch party for the latest collection from Harajuku Lovers and Chasing Fireflies last night in Hollywood. The new collection for girls is available now on ChasingFireflies.com just in time for the holiday season including adorable dresses and apparel for girls as well as costumes, accessories and party supplies.

Gwen spoke with Access Hollywood during the event and shared that working with Chasing Fireflies has been a blast and they have given her the ultimate freedom while designing. “I’ve been working on this collection with Chasing Fireflies for awhile now. They’re literally one of the funnest collaborations I’ve ever done because they’re all about luxury, and more ruffles, and more sparkles. ‘Gwen, yes! You can do that!’ And I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, everyone says no to me the whole time.’ I’m like, ‘I’m doing this! Let’s go!’ They just let me loose, and to be able to do that, and out of all the things I’ve ever designed, children’s clothes is my favorite. It really is.”

InStyle also shared from Gwen saying that she’s excited to be working on a more “luxurious” children’s line and was thrilled to see the collection on the runway — even featuring her little niece, Stella. “Having an event like this where [my designs] are celebrated on the runway like that and having my niece wear it … It’s crazy. I’ve never really done something like that for children’s clothes, because before I was doing it for such a low price point, which is super fun as well,” she continued. “To try to have the challenge to do something that looks really good that you can try to get your hands on it is really hard as a designer, so this is like a reward for me to be able to work with them.”

Gwen joked around saying that she almost didn’t make it to the event because her sons were giving her a hard time over the lack of clothing for boys. She said that she’s trying to convince Chasing Fireflies president David Niggli about creating something together.

Gwen was on hand and posed for photos on the red carpet and she looked radiant and really excited for the launch! Check out photos below from the event courtesy of Getty.

Gwen was wearing a gorgeous top by Christopher Kane, L.A.M.B. and two Harajuku Lovers x Smile Solar watches.

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  1. I think she’s in a great position in her life right now. She’s clearly more confident and simply taking action. I think the divorce situation has freed her in a good way.

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