Photos: Gwen’s Friends and Family Rehearsal Show in Los Angeles

Gwen held a ritual friends and family rehearsal in Los Angeles last night for a few hundred lucky attendees and it looks like the show tonight is going to be fabulous! Gathering from a few sneaky photos that were shared from last night’s performance courtesy of Instagramers, Gwen is set for a few costume changes and surprises!

Celebrities in attendance included Jessica Alba, Kris Jenner and Melanie Griffith. It’s great to see Steve and Gabe back onstage, too!

Gwen will be hitting the stage live tonight at 7:00 PM in Los Angeles at the historic Orpheum Theater as part of her MasterCard Priceless Surprises campaign. We’ll have more from the show tonight as soon as it becomes available.

#gwenstefani #dtla #silenthouseproductions

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Gwen Stefani will never not be perfect. What a fun dress rehearsal concert before her big show tomorrow!

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Mom surprised us with tickets to her Friends and Family show! #phwends #gwenstefani #thevoice #voicefamily #theorpheum

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Such a doll! Amazing set #GwenStefani Friends and Family Rehearsal #Orpheum #LAlifestyle #EYEThread

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Gwen family and friends rehearsal plus the back of Kris Jenners head #krisjenner #gwenstefani

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Sweet Escape! #pricelesssurprises #gwenstefani #orpheum #sweetescape

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Best night ever last night seeing Gwen Stefani at a friends and family rehearsal concert! #pinchme #gwenstefani #latergram

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Catching up with Jon after the show and chatting it up with Gabrial from no doubt. #theorpheum #nodoubt #gwenstefani

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16 Replies to “Photos: Gwen’s Friends and Family Rehearsal Show in Los Angeles”

  1. This makes me so excited! First her hair is finally down. I especially love the new alice in wonderland costume as well as all the other ones. Also the background for wind it up is sound of music inspired and looks rad

  2. Lucky people. What a treat! Loving everything so far. Her outfits are so vintage, kinda Old Hollywood. I wish there was a live stream link for tonight’s show.

  3. Soooo good! She sounds incredible and I’m so glad she has a live band this time. This makes it so much better and the stage looks great too. This will be a great concert, I’m happy for the people going (and also super jealous haha).

  4. Some sources are reporting that she performed “Start A War” (her new song with Sia) and “Together”. I hope someone records them!

  5. Omg just read this on twitter. I can’t believe she performed an unreleased song. Please someone make sure to record it tonight.

  6. This girl who heard it last night confirmed it’s a ballad and says: “she has some really powerful vocals on it. Was blown away.”; “So impressed by her vocals on it.”

  7. Love you Gwen! I’d feel pretty bad right now if I were one of those negative posters from the Tom Dumont article post…people that can’t just sit back and enjoy whatever this amazing artist does, and accept NO DOUBT bandmates are so proud of her…She’s a modern day icon…and people need to #SettleDown!!!

  8. Yeah, instead of focusing too much at the negative side of things, fans should try to appreciate more. I swear some people don’t seem to enjoy the little moments they have given us lately. It goes so fast that if you blink you’ve missed it. You know they won’t be around forever.

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