Photos: Gwen Meeting a Fan in Santa Monica

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Thank you to Instagram user owencrtz720 for sharing this picture he snapped with Gwen today. Also, thank you to user heatheretty for sharing this photo she got of Gwen and her family from a distance. It’s a different view since we usually get these pics from the paparazzi (which are just beyond the bushes). In the tags, she mentions the family were at a birthday party.

7 Replies to “Photos: Gwen Meeting a Fan in Santa Monica”

  1. I find the whole paparazzi thing to be so sad. Poor Gwen, Gavin & especially the boys, they can’t do anything without a sea of photographers around chronicling their every move. How terrible that must feel for them to never have a moment’s peace.

  2. I think the Paps should have enough respect to leave the celebs alone while they are out and about with their families.

  3. Very creepy the second picture. I feel guilty because I love to see them, and I am part of the cause the paparazzi are so bad.

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