Photos: Gwen Out In New York




Check out a few photos of Gwen arriving back at her hotel in New York after her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers! Thank you to Denise for sending them into us and said that she is planning on hanging outside of L.A.M.B.’s presentation tomorrow night and will share with us what she finds.

Gwen looks so cute and congratulations to the lucky fans who were able to spot her last night!

8 Replies to “Photos: Gwen Out In New York”

  1. Guys, does those glasses look feminine? Because I want one, but I’m a man. Idk if it’s unissex or if it’s going to look good on me tho, but I like them. I think it’s Gwen that makes me want those things lmao.

  2. Gwen’s hair is incredible, so soft and shiny…I really want mine’s to look like hers…I wonder what kind of products she uses…

  3. Matheus, those glasses are definitely unissex, but you should try them 1st.

    Aww she’s so cool! I love she’s taking some time to sign stuff for fans. 🙂 Loving her red lipstick!

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