Photos: Gwen for OPI (Holiday 2014)





Check out a few high quality photos of Gwen for her latest Holiday collection for OPI courtesy of photographer Miranda Penn Turin. Though these have surfaced before, we wanted to put them all together for everyone to see. Her latest campaign is featured on the packaging for the holiday line featuring 18 new seasonal shades.

Photos courtesy of OPI and Miranda Penn Turin.

16 Replies to “Photos: Gwen for OPI (Holiday 2014)”

    1. If I had to take a guess, I would say ‘Cinnamon Sweet’. Since it’s more than likely photo shopped on, it looks lighter and darker in some of the shots. Since ‘What’s Your Pointsettia?’ is included in the box sets, it may be that one too.

  1. She definitely had some work done on her nose after the RS era. The arch is lower and the sides of the arch are slimmer. Like most of the work she’s had done it’s subtle.

  2. I already thought she had done some work on her nose. But I thought that after the TK era lol. It doesn’t matter if she did something or not. I think those picutres above were photoshoped.

  3. I don’t think she had any nose job. Her nose was always like that. I was just referring to the bad lighting of this photo shoot.

  4. People have been claiming nose jobs since ’97-’98

    i dont know if shes touched it but i just wish shed stop with the botox cuz it REALLY shows sometimes

  5. I think it’s funny how every post now has to have at least one comment with a critic (not a constructive one) towards Gwen or the boys…

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