Photos: Gwen for New Gx Eyewear Collection (Updated)

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Photo courtesy of Gx
Photo courtesy of Tura Inc./Gx

Photo courtesy of Gx
Photo courtesy of Tura Inc./Gx

Photo courtesy of Gx
Photo courtesy of Tura Inc./Gx

New campaign photos of Gwen modeling the upcoming debut line of Gx eyewear are here! She looks gorgeous in the few new two-tone frames popping with bright colors and tortoise shell flair.

According to manufacturer Tura Inc., the frames are set to debut on January 11, 2016. They’ve also shared that Gwen has been rocking L.A.M.B. in some of her recent Instagram photos.

The first collections from Gx and L.A.M.B. will include 12 ophthalmic styles and 12 sunglasses from each brand. The lines are said to be influenced by Gwen and her extensive personal collection. Prices for the collections vary, with L.A.M.B. naturally having more of a luxurious touch. Each L.A.M.B. pair will retail $150-$250 and Gx is expected to range between $50-$175.

Select eyewear styles from Gx have already hit both Best Buy Eyeglasses and Simply Eyeglasses.


Tura has shared more photos of select styles launching January 11! Click here to see a few of the L.A.M.B. styles coming soon.

14 Replies to “Photos: Gwen for New Gx Eyewear Collection (Updated)”

  1. I’m sorry, I love and adore Gwen and usually love pretty much everything she designs, but these are really ugly. I really hope there’s some cuter ones in the collections because as someone who has worn glasses for literally all of my life, I was really looking forward to these but this is a major let down!

  2. All signs point to no new album once again. I feel that No Doubt has quietly called it quits and Gwen is just over it. Let’s face it, anything released after Sweet Escape has flopped via No Doubt or solo.

    1. Used To Love You is hardly a flop. It’s actually becoming a strong hit for her. And Settle Down was a moderate hit. The album will be released soonish. I don’t get why you’re so pessimistic.

    2. At this point, something HAS to come out. This is her third attempt at an album (including ND) and I can’t see them wasting more money recording songs and not putting anything out. I’m guessing it’ll be released in the spring. UTLY wasn’t the hit interscope was looking for, but it’s done ok. A more interesting video probably would have helped…

  3. In other news, UTLY moved up to #11 on Billboard Adult Pop Music, and even though it’s dropping on the Hot 100, it’s on #67 which is cool!

    Jenny, I have a suggestion that comes with a confession: I never shared the UTLY video on my social media, because I’m kinda shy about pop music or whatever… I think we should make an event, where we all share the IUTLY video at the same time. I’m sure it would make somewhat of an impact! What do you think?

  4. These have come out beautiful… I bet they will sell very well, very cool!!!
    Gwen looks beautiful in these…
    She spoke about the new glasses range before…
    Gwen hasn’t decided to just focus on her fashion lines instead of the music!!!

  5. I really can’t stand the trend of wearing glasses when you don’t have a prescription… I was under the impression she was coming out with SUNglasses. For people who actually need glasses for vision I think they’re super cool

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