Photos/Videos: Backstage at Z100 Jingle Ball

Gwen indeed rock the stage tonight with Pharrell for “Spark The Fire”. Click here to see video from the performance!








Surprise! Gwen is in New York tonight and was spotted backstage at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball hosted by Z100 happening at Madison Square Garden. It hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s being assumed she’s there to perform and promote “Spark The Fire” alongside Pharrell Williams whom is one of the headliners tonight.

Z100’s Jingle Ball kicks off at 8:00 PM EST and is being streamed live on and the audio is being streamed on or by using their mobile app.

Gwen looks amazing and we’ll have more photos and videos up once they become available. Wishing you the best of luck tonight, G!

Photos: Red Carpet / Backstage / Performance

Photos courtesy of Getty.

@calvinharris @iheartradio ❄️🎄🎁⛄️gx

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15 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Backstage at Z100 Jingle Ball”

  1. I’m glad she’s making the effort to promote the single, no matter what. I was surprised when I found out that she took a flight to NYC just to perform STF.

  2. just sung upon .. sounded good, cant believe the amount of good songs pharell made and given out but spark the fire, the weakest by far.. 🙁 #sadness

  3. Great performance! Something wrong with the backing track. A bit too loud, maybe? Otherwise she owned it. LUV Spark The Fire! :p

  4. ^^I know!! Seems like she’s using the same hair since the Settle Down video, but now with the addition of those black tips.

  5. She looks soooooooooooooo young! But yeah she needs to get a new hair stylist… Looks like Danilo ran out of ideas.

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