Photos and Videos: MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet (Updated)

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Gwen has hit the red carpet at this years annual MTV VMAs and she looks gorgeous in head-to-toe pink L.A.M.B. and jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz! She’s wearing her hair down that seems to be pinned up on top in classic Gwen style.

Gwen teased around with People on the red carpet about her stunning L.A.M.B. design saying “Yeah, I whipped this one up last night in my closet… Sewing away all morning on the 405”. When asked what’s next from her, she said “I never know what’s gonna happen next! I didn’t know I was gonna have a baby, I didn’t know I was gonna be on The Voice, I didn’t know I was gonna be writing new music, so I’m just like, what’s gonna be next?”

We’ll keep sharing more photos as they come in — click here to see more photos!

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Looking for videos and photos from inside the show? Click here!


Gwen stopped by MTV’s nail cam before heading into the show – gorgeous!


24 Replies to “Photos and Videos: MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet (Updated)”

  1. They opened the show with her! Just watched it. She looks great. Hope she will perform with maroon 5….
    It’s just great to see her at these. It’s been a while

  2. Oh yeah she’s nursing but she got implants right before LAMB. She got smallish ones a long time ago. Very well known

  3. Sorry but to say that’s from nursing is very naive. Check out early LAMB vids like Rich Girl (before she ever got pregnant!) and then compare to her in Spiderwebs. she looked a lot better/cuter flat chested, I think

    1. You make it sound as if she got big balloons like Pamela Anderson. Give me a break, that’s a normal size for someone who had a baby 6 months ago and is still breastfeeding. Either way, I think it’s rude to be discussing about her breasts. It’s none of our business. She looks amazing, no matter what.

  4. When I was nursing and my boy was 6 months old and starting to eat solids, my boobs were way smaller then when I began nursing. I find it funny that some people handle this subject like this. Getting implants (no matter the size) its not a big deal anymore. So if she has done, good for her! ☺

  5. I dont think she’s doing it while nursing Apollo. There are no known scientific studies on the effects of botox on both mom and child during that period. Take a look at the second photo (top to bottom), you can notice a few wrinkles and expressions.

  6. In my humble opinion I think she hasn’t done anything to her face lately. Maybe just the lips last year… But as Cynthia pointed out you can see a few wrinkles, also because she was shot outside facing the sun. We all know most pics taken in the sun are not very flattering. I think her face looked more puffy and over-stuffed, during the P&S promo.

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