Photos: Gwen and Blake Catch Arizona Cardinals Game

Gwen and Blake were spotted on the sidelines prior to kickoff of the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers game this afternoon at University of Phoenix Stadium. The couple posed for photos in matching Cardinals gear with Gwen’s family in-tow. They all seem to be in high spirits and we hope they have a blast at the game!

@gwenstefani & @blakeshelton in the house for #GBvsAZ! 📷: @tapiaphoto/NFL

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  1. She looks beautiful!!! Gwen owns a time-machine and travelled back to her 20’s!!! And again, the super rad jacket Sophie Muller gave her 🙂

      1. So what? She wore those during the RS era as well… let the girl have fun. I love that she is more casual these days.

        1. Lol are you really comparing the amazing RS headwear to this cheap stuff? Anyway, I’m free to criticize. She’s better than this.

  2. Tennis was classier!? HAHAHA!! That literally made me laugh out loud. Maybe seeing her brother & sister in law with them will finally end ALL speculation to them being a real couple or not!

  3. And I don’t see how ANY of what she’s wearing is her changing her look. We’ve seen this before so many times. She looks more like herself here than she did with those two HORRIFIC hippie/bohemian/Rachael Zoe/tree hugging messes she wore on the voice. I mean I know where all on this site daily because we all have soooo much love for her but I swear sometimes I wonder if we’re talking about the same woman lol

  4. I see a GENUINE smile on her face. Some of us have known her for 20+ years and can see the sincerity in her smile. So happy for her!

  5. I agree with Bob.

    NDLOVER – you’ve called me out for not supporting Gwen in the past, when I was criticizing UTLY. Funny how your tune changes as soon as God forbid she wears a football cap ON HER DAY OFF.

    Gwen looks happy. Maybe you aren’t familiar with dating, but adults can hang out together and go to football games and dinners and it doesn’t have to end in tragedy. “I hope she won’t get hurt again….” …..what would make you think that she would?? This isn’t a twilight saga. Chill out.

      1. Que usted siempre se toma todo a titulo personal cuando se trata de Gwen, si alguien critica malo pero si usted critica está bien, acá cualquiera puede dejar su comentario sobre ella, las críticas nadie las hace de forma malintencionada pero si a usted no le gustan usted va respondiendo de manera agresiva y altanera….ya ha sucedido en varios comentarios de varios posts, no sé que video tiene usted en su cabeza pero ya está empezando a delirar…

    1. And I’m the one who take things too personally? lol
      Blake Shelton is constantly flirting with young girls. I know what I’m talking about, dude. Gwen is once again walking into dangerous territory.

      1. It’s not like she’s going to marry him lol calm down. Oh and people change. They have 3 failed marriages between them, they aren’t kids. A lot of people here thought Gwen and the piece of shit had a great marriage, and got mad every time anyone made a side eye comment ab the Epic Cheater and now we know what vile kind of guy he was.

        Blake is around her family a lot, he took her to Atwood’s JFC lol and he looks at her the way she used to look at her past men. Let her have fun!

        Blake supports military-related charities , I wish he rubs the charity bug on her, military or any other cause she cares about.

        1. I guess the one who’s in need of a chill pill is you, young lady lmao! You seem a little bit nervous! Honestly I don’t give two f***s about who Gwen’s sleeping with. I’m just saying what I’ve always said: I’m not a “shefani shipper” and I won’t be. I’m here primarily for her music, but I can also say what I think about BS. His track record doesn’t inspire confidence. That said, Gwen is a grown-up woman. I’m sure she can take care of herself. Just don’t expect every fan to be enthusiastic every time there’s new pics of the new couple. No idea if you’re on twitter, but there’s already creepy and stalkerish fan fiction dedicated to them from teenage girls. The weird thing is that they started to listen to Gwen 3 months ago.

    1. In Touch is as reliable as Star or Life & Style. Gossip buffet. Plus wine tasting and margaritas don’t scream pregnant lol

  6. I’m sorry, but I don’t think Gwen is happy at all. When I see her smile all I can see is an unconfident woman trying to replace her ex. And you know what? Is too early to have a new boyfriend in my opinion. Come one, she’s been married for 13 years… It’s clear to me that she’s desperate for love because she don’t know how to be alone or maybe is just trying to make Gavin jealous. Gwen needs to be strong and healthy like she’s always been. That’s all I want to say.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. That’s why I hope she’s not committing or moving the “relationship” forward because she’ll be the one getting hurt again. Just saying.

  7. thanks yall 😉

    &&& batcaver, it may seem like this is sudden after splitting with Gavin but they could’ve been separated for a long time for all we know. Once again I’m just so happy to see our girl glow and smile

  8. Excuse me… But except you are her PERSONAL CLOSE FRIEND or FAMILY, no one here can say for sure what’s on her mind or what she’s actually been through or even what’s best for her. We are on outside the walls and will NEVER know what happened, if Gavin is the big bad wold and if she is too fragile for a new relationship or not. Let her live for the moment, as she mentioned herself on an interview, and be happy.

  9. I get the feeling that if he was dating a sophisticated lawyer or millionare executive instead of a “normal” redneck some people wouldn’t have any issues of her dating life.

    I don’t get why anyone could think she wants to get Gavin’s attention. Obviously he checked out of their marriage years ago and I guess it took Gwen a while to understand it.

    She looks happy, carefree, healthy as a fan it makes very happy for her.

  10. I always thought Gwen was a different kind of person,.. still loving her but all this sick situation is just annoying and disappointing to me. Well, everybody makes mistakes. I hope she gets healthy and happy. Now I’m going to focus on her music.

    1. Exactly, let her be. I’m more interested in her music than being a “shefani shipper” as many girls on twitter. I don’t recall any “shippers” back in the 90s lol This is all so strange. I’m sure Gwen also finds it very invasive.

  11. I agree AmandaG! We’ve been fans for yearsssssss and I’ve never heard that before either! Is it a cruise and vacation with Gwen? If so sign me up! Lol

  12. Wow her relationship with Blake definitely raises much controversy among fans… Yeah he seems like an “odd” choice for Gwen and yeah they look like an “odd” couple in all those pics, but who are we to tell her what kind of men she should be dating? Some of you guys really need to separate Gwen Stefani the artist from Gwen Stefani the middle aged woman and private person. She’s not your property lol. Let her have some fun while she’s still young and healthy enough to do so. She’s going on 50, it’s not like she has all the time in world left to find some happiness. My mother turned 50 last year and now she’s fighting cancer… Let Gwen enjoy her life as long as she can do so.

    1. I agree, some act like Gwen should ask them permission first before she starts dating someone. She says she’s happy, Blake says he’s happy, they LOOK happy…so therefore I think they are happy and I’m happy for them. I don’t know why some insist that she is miserable. I can’t wait to see him do something she really loves though…like attend a fashion show LOL

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