Photos: Exclusive Look at the New OPI Collections (Updated)

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Jen from The PolishAholic has sent us in a batch of exclusive photos to share with everyone of Gwen and OPI’s brand new fall and holiday collections which seems to be hitting select beauty suppliers now.

bso_ds1 bso_ds2

Available in another exclusive boxset, Don’t Speak, is a gorgeous 18K gold top coat. The lacquer actually contains flakes of real gold and is only available on its own (similar to Gwen’s signature “Over and Over-A-Gwen” in the last collection).


Mini Holiday Stars is another exclusive boxset that includes smaller versions of select lacquers from the holiday collection. Included are: Red Fingers and Mistletoes, What’s Your Point-settia?, I Carol About You and Kiss Me — Or Elf! The small bottles come together in the box 1/8 fl oz. This boxset is similar to the Rock Starlets last collection.


Rollin’ In Cashmere nail effect trio pack includes a lacquer (Rollin’ in Cashmere) and two glitters to add for glamorous results (Snow Globetrotter and Comet in the Sky). OPI suggests using two coats of Rollin’ In Cashmere to get the full effect.

Another trio is set to be released, possibly a silver version of Rollin’ In Cashmere, that Jen wasn’t able to get her hands on yet. Once she does, we’ll update the post with it!

Check out a display box being used in select beauty supplies for the new collection featuring stunning photos of Gwen.


Now, Jen has sent us photos of all the lacquers that she was able to pick up from the new collections. I’ve broken them up and labeled for an up-close look at the nail lacquers (22 in total including the nail effects Snow Globetrotter and Comet in the Sky and the gold flaked-infused Don’t Speak). Personally, I’m a huge fan of golds, purples (and greens!) so this collection has me really excited!

Sources are saying the full collections should be released in October, but like we said, look around now!

bso_pointsettia, bso_redtoes, bso_lovecoal
What’s Your Point-settia?, Red Fingers and Mistletoes, Love Is Hot and Coal
bso_cinnamon, bso_desires, bso_sleigh
Cinnamon Sweet, First Class Desires, Sleigh Parking Only
bso_christmas, bso_beclaus, bso_holidaze
Christmas Gone Plaid, Just Beclaus, In A Holidaze
bso_kiss, bso_fashion, bso_carol
Kiss Me — Or Elf!, Fashion A Bow, I Carol About You
bso_cashmere, bso_snow, bso_comet
Rollin’ In Cashmere, Snow Globetrotter, Comet in the Sky
Don’t Speak, Unfrost My Heart, I’ll Tinsel You In
So Elegant


Jen has updated her blog with swatches and more info on each nail lacquer from the collection — check it out.

The line looks like its already selling prematurely online through private vendors.

Two gel color trio sets of Rollin’ In Cashmere and Unfrost My Heart (which includes Unfrost My Heart, I’ll Tinsel You In and So Elegant) will also be available.

Another trio is also expected and called Sheer to the Top, which includes So Elegant, a top coat and matte top coat.

9 Replies to “Photos: Exclusive Look at the New OPI Collections (Updated)”

    1. It doesn’t appear so- Mariah Carey’s gold was a white gold and silver flakey top coat (meaning it was just chips of gold and silver leaf). This appears to be a full coverage polish with some gold flake.

  1. I have to say I’m surprised that she’s doing another collection since her signature one did so poorly. I just bought one of the bottles at Ulta today for $2! I’m also unimpressed lately with OPI. I can’t find many original colors anymore – worse that they’re all copies of older OPIs.

  2. Aside from Dont Speak and Rollin in Cashmere the other names are a bit strange. But I do ♥my OPI lacquers and I will be getting some of the reds.

  3. I saw some of Gwen’s OPI in a store here which does designer items but for less, once they’re older etc.. I was very surprised.. I imagined this to be luxury and kept luxury.. not for it to just go to bargain stores etc..

  4. Well, her debut collection came out in January and its now almost September. I didn’t see her line in bargain stores until about two months ago. I had heard that her collection did well at first so I’m not surprised that they teamed up again — or it was planned all along. I love this collection a lot more than the previous one.

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