Photos: Established Jewelry By Nikki Erwin Launch Party

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Gwen was in attendance last night at the Established Jewelry By Nikki Erwin Launch Party hosted by Erin & Sara Foster in West Hollywood. She looked gorgeous and posed for photos with friends Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Meyer and Hilary Duff.

Click here to see more photos.

Photos courtesy of Getty.

31 Replies to “Photos: Established Jewelry By Nikki Erwin Launch Party”

  1. So gorgeous! Even with some wrinkles she looks like she’s 35 yo. She needs to release a new single ASAP. 🙏

  2. Sorry NDLOVER, I’m 34 and on the second picture she does looks older than me, she looks 40, an amazing looking woman, in her 40’s. Also, there’s TOO much makeup, she could use less and still look great.

  3. Yeah she has been showing her age lately and looks like she is in her early 40s now. But still beautiful 🙂

  4. I think she looks good, but the close-up isn’t very flattering. That’s just way too much make-up and it actually makes her look older than she is. Less is more.

  5. Yeah…the makeup looks caked on. I think she looks her age and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m glad she’s laid off the ‘tox LOL She’s blessed with a youthful face!

  6. I think the makeup looks fine. That close up pic isn’t great because of the bad lighting which makes the makeup look a tad over dramatic.

  7. No matter how pulled, tightened, and stretched that beautiful face can ever look I’ll love her to my grave.

  8. Do you notice that you are the only one saying her makeup is great? And it’s not just the girls; men are saying it too. It’s ok if Gwen takes a bad picture. It’s not the end of the world LOL Man, we need some music news cause we are squabbling over the stupidest things LOL

  9. I’m just saying that’s bad lighting. Ok let’s see other close ups of other women there. Yep! unflattering lighting.

    I know what I’m saying cause I know how light works. It can make you looks like a mess but it also can make wonders.

  10. I love how people focus on a bad photo and forget all the other 99,99% photos from the same set where she looks FABULOUS! Go figure!

  11. My last post in on !approval” cause of the links I posted. But there were other women there under the same circumstances and that looked like Gwen with terrible lighting.

  12. Haha your so right amanda. And its always us same fans that are commenting. I wish we had some music related news as well.

  13. Does anyone still have their “L” perfume gwen did back in 2006? I still have mine. Put some on today. Still one of my favourite perfumes.

  14. You guys, sheesh… This is EXACTLY why photoshop exists. Everyone is so hyper-critical. This is what real life looks like. Get over it. She looks fine.

  15. NDLOVER – I don’t think anyone will disagree that there’s bad lighting…but there is also bad makeup
    (her foundation) too. It’s no big deal. We really need some news of substance around here LOL

  16. NDLover, you idealize Gwen way too much. The fact that she sometimes cakes on tons of makeup is no news. She’s making the same mistake since the 90s. Less is more, indeed.

  17. Somehow her style so much reminds me she had around 15 years ago while wearing a black feather boa having pictures taken on a party with Marylin Manson.

  18. Yes Cynthia! Thank you so much for finding them! I have seen them the last time when I was a teenager in a magazine and in the interview she said, that she had no time to put nail polish on. It was such another time when we had no internet and had to hunt for every glimpse of Gwen. It felt sooooooo special when we actually found something in magazines. I still have all the cut outs!

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