Photos and Videos: Emmys Backstage, Presentation and Press Room (Updated)

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Check out a few photos of Gwen presenting the Emmy award for Outstanding Variety Series alongside fellow Voice coach and Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine. A video has also been added from the show.

Gwen then posed for photos backstage with Emmy’s host Seth Meyers and Julia Roberts. She also dazzled for photos in the Emmys press room.

Gwen did such a great job and it was so exciting seeing her at the event!

Photos courtesy of Zimbio/Getty.

10 Replies to “Photos and Videos: Emmys Backstage, Presentation and Press Room (Updated)”

  1. I have seen Gwen on loads of best dressed lists for both events which is great…

    Also after just watching that video, that man seems rude saying Gwen got it wrong, I get that she pronounced it wrong but I totally understand how she read it like that off of the sheet, I would not of pronounced it as they did automatically…

  2. Oh man, I feel bad for Gwen– she pronounced Colbert wrong, and then she had no idea how to get off stage– Adam had to lead her. She was heading the wrong way, but he stopped her and then you see her scamper off behind the crowd. I guess they didn’t prep her for this.

  3. Amanda, I actually thought it was the opposite. Jimmy was extremely inconvenient. He didn’t have to come up on stage to start with. He didn’t win the award. After he pointed out the mistake twitter went on fire. Keep in mind that Gwen is dyslexic and that’s a common mistake people with dyslexia make. They usually reverse letters or syllables when reading.

  4. You’re surprised that a comedian would poke fun at a celebs mistake? I’m not. I’m sure she laughed it off. People are making too big of a deal out of it.

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