Photos and Videos: Emmy Awards Red Carpet


Gwen has arrived at the 66th annual Emmy Awards and she looks gorgeous! She is wearing a Versace couture two-peice sleeve capped gown (covered in silver Swarovski crystals!) with a deep-v neckline with stunning gold accents down the front. Jewelry by Neil Lane. We will have details on her ensemble and photos as soon as they come in!

This is Gwen’s very first time at the Emmy awards and she called the VMAs last night “electric” versus tonight’s event calling it “glam”.

Gwen presented the award for Outstanding Variety Series alongside fellow Voice coach, Adam Levine. Click here for photos and videos of Gwen presenting and backstage photos.

Click here to see more photos!

Photo courtesy of Getty.

43 Replies to “Photos and Videos: Emmy Awards Red Carpet”

  1. LOVE her silver top “boob cage” with matching skirt. She even changed her nail color from last night, that’s why she left early. And she also has 3 young boys to look after!

  2. I hate to say this but that pic tweeted by @emilysteel isn’t flattering. Maybe it’s the bad lighting, but people are poking fun at it.

  3. Wow!!! another incredible look!! …but I hate to admit her face is starting to looks weird. Please Gwen no more botox!!!!!!

  4. Women that are nursing don’t do botox cause it’s not safe. If she did, shame on her. But I don’t believe she would care more about ber vanity then her child well being.

  5. Margarita and Kiara, the image with #454161298 on it, clearly shows she’s not doing botox in a while, like I’ve said, she’s nursing.

  6. Two nights in a row Gwen did or said something to create a little controversy haha u go girl. I love all this Gwen media coverage. I’m eating it up with a spoon!!!!

  7. No face freezing for Gwen for the time being, she has to keep that stuff homogenized!

    And it’s too bad she slipped up a little on his name… At least it was Tayswiff again! That would have been pop-suicide haha

    But I love her take on Cher this evening in glitzy Versace, it was fabulous.

  8. Meh Jimmy Fallon shouldn’t have pointed it out. Rude! I think it’s an easy mistake to make, especially if you’re dyslexic. But you know how people go nuts for anything.

  9. Omg Gwen is receiving backlash, for her looks and misspelling. What I feared is happening, Gwen is starting to be the subject of particular scrutiny for using too much botox and fillers. 🙁

  10. I’m sorry guys, but everybody is commenting Gwen’s face, they didn’t even recognize her but it wasn’t because of the missing red lips and flat hair….she’s even compared to Nicole kidman :'( :'(….

  11. Her face is a mess. She is right on Kidmans level now. Halfway to catwoman. There is not fix from botox addiction. The colbert mistake is everywhere.

  12. I don’t think that hairstyle complimented her looks especially with that ensemble. But hey, it’s just 1 look. She’s a hit most of the time anyway. Tomorrow’s another day. Let’s shake it off. lol

  13. omg on the voice page they posted pics of gwen and adam and nearly every comment is something negative about how gwen looks 🙁 some are saying “bring back the old gwen” “what happened to her she used to be pretty” or “she looks like a living barbie” I am afraid she has gone overboard with plastic surgery and people are really noticing.

  14. The general public is not used to see her with her hair like that and makeup. Plus that elongated metal deep neck didn’t make any wonders. It’s a different look that we’re not used to see on her. I think people should calm down for a sec and think twice before writing crap on facebook or twitter.

  15. I think Gwen looked very Gwen still in the face at the VMA’s and then this hair and makeup at the Emmy’s contributed towards the more plastic look… but I still think she looked lovely though; I think the Colbert thing is ridiculous by the way, these people are all so pathetic? I don’t get how that’s even something to talk about… They do say that all publicity is good publicity and in a sense it’s true, if people are talking about Gwen, whether it’s good or bad, it’s creating some buzz… luckily this is something trivial though, I wouldn’t like it if people were genuinely being awful about Gwen or anything..

  16. I don’t understand how people get so upset about her face? Why now? She’s looked far “worse” during the P&S era. Yes, she obviously had some work done, but she actually looks a lot less plastic these days than she did two years ago.

    I guess people just haven’t seen her for a while maybe? Maybe they still remember how she looked between 2004 and 2007… but that was many years ago, of course she looks a little different now. I don’t understand why people are so shocked by her appearance. She didn’t get that kind of reactions after the VMAs.

    1. I think this look, hairstyle and makeup, in particular enhanced more those plastic features. That’s why people noticed it more. Anyway people should lighten up for a sec and have a good look at themselves. “LEAVE GWEN ALONE!!!” is all I want to shout today. Seriously. LOL

  17. I blame it on Jimmy Fallon though. No one called him up on stage to start with. And to make things worse he pointed out the mistake. People pick on every silly insignificant detail and comment about it in a bitchy way. We’re living in a very futile and ignorant time in my opinion.

  18. Adam Levine corrected on stage as well. But then again, who never misspelled a word before? Besides, John Travolta did it on the Oscar and it was not a career killer move. As for her looks, I have to agree with YYY, we keep track of the band on a regular basis, but for the general public, Gwen was a bit under the radar so it was a shock to them to see that she has changed. Then again, it was not a MAJOR change, like Melanie Griffith or Renée Zellweger, people will forget.

  19. Yeah Cynthia but it’s incredible what a difference an outfit makes in a certain event. At the VMAs people didn’t say anything. I think that Versace ensemble wasn’t her best pick. I remember that her Golden Globes gown wasn’t received very well at the time, even though it’s seen as iconic now. The difference is that at the time people were not on twitter or other social networks.

  20. I know Jenny. She still looked amazing. I think it’s just a look that we (as fans) are not used to see on her. She can do better. My issue is about the mean comments floating around on gossip sites and social networks. Trying to ignore those, but I was not expecting backlash.

    1. I agree. I swear that people just pick on people just for the sake of it. It is annoying how all of my news feeds are full of “Gwen flubs Emmys” posts. You could tell that she was nervous onstage with Adam (and I don’t blame her!) and it really wasn’t that big of a deal. People are so quick to make fun — including Fallon and Colbert. I get that maybe they were trying to make something out of the situation for their sake, but I found it extremely inappropriate. I’m sure it will blow over soon but its pretty irritating.

      We love you, Gwen! <3

  21. At the end of the day maybe we should be glad that people are obviously interested enough in her to actually bother. All she did was attending two random award shows and she made headlines with both of her appearances. The two-finger-clap meme was rather well received and her misspelling at the Emmys wasn’t. But I guess there’s some truth to that “every publicity is good publicity” myth. After all, she’s on every news feed now. I’d love to believe that it was a deliberate publicity stunt and that Gwen spends the whole day on Google laughing her ass off that it worked lol.

    1. Ha! My fiance actually thought of the same thing saying “maybe it was intentional!” She was too cute afterward and looked fabulous — that’s all that mattered to me. 🙂

  22. I’m sure Gwen won’t read 10% of this crap. She surely has learned how to brush things off. But if you’re reading, Gwen, we love you and we stand for you.

  23. Her face has been looking puffy lately. I don’t know why. I don’t think the part down the middle with stick straight hair helped things. She looked pretty, but she also looked like a statue to me in that dress. I dunno, it’s not my favorite look. And she got implants 10 years ago, so I don’t know why that’s a shock to people now.

    I thought Fallon was cute though and I’m sure Gwen probably got a kick out of it too. I think he’s friendly with ND.

  24. Gwen has the #1 most popular clip on Hulu plus right now !! Idk about all y’all but I’m excited she’s getting all this publicity. I kinda feel like Gwen is my sister cuz I’ve been following no doubt for almost 20 years and she’s always had haters so I’m used to people talking shit about and don’t pay much attention to it. She looked amazing end of story. I’m happy she’s back in the line light . I see all this publicity as a positive 😃

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