Photos: Chiyo Dolls Arrive In Japan


No Doubt have also updated their website with the good news!

No Doubt — Back in June at Gwen’s Harajuku-themed tea party benefiting Save the Children’s Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund, each guest was given a Momiji Message Doll to paint and write a special message for the children of Japan. Gwen and Momiji sent the dolls to Japan so that Save The Children could give them to the local children — and the dolls have now arrived!

The customized dolls were presented at the “Event of Re-Construction for Rikuzentakata”. Rikuzentakata, a city in Iwate, Japan, was heavily destroyed by the March, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Many of the city’s residents lost their homes, businesses and lives as a result.

A special thank you to Momiji for their kind and generous donation of the dolls.

They made it! I’m sure most of you all remember Gwen’s Harajuku themed exclusive tea party for charity that happened this past June. During the party, Chiyo dolls were handed out to guests to paint and messages were included to be sent to the children of Japan that were affected by the tragic tsunamis and earthquakes earlier this year. The dolls have finally made it to the children in Japan! The following photos were shared from a member of the Save the Children foundation earlier today (you might remember Gwen also donated $1 million dollars to the charity as well!) and she says that the children of Rikuzentakata thought the dolls were “super kawaii!” Again, we cannot commend Gwen and the band enough for their continuous generosity to causes all around the world! The tea party was such a special event for all of us as well!

Love Momiji — Remember our trip to LA back in June? Following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Gwen Stefani asked Momiji to be part of her fabulous High Tea party to raise funds for Save the Children’s work there.

Gwen’s party guests each took time to paint a Chiyo Momiji doll, these were packaged up and sent with messages of love to children and families affected by the tsunami.

Yumi from Save the Children Japan sent us images of the packages arriving in Rikuzentakata. She said the girls thought they were super-kawaii!

Big thanks to all the fabulous guys & girls from Save the Children, No Doubt, Rebel Waltz and Royal/T who made this happen.

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