Photos: Backstage at the Billboard Music Awards

Gwen and Blake were inseparable during tonight’s Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas and posed for photos backstage before hitting the stage for their live performance of “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” Gwen looked simply gorgeous in a sheer gown dazzling in jewels from head-toe with nude makeup.

She posed for photos with boyfriend Blake Shelton and awards co-host Ciara.

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  1. No denying Gwen and Blake make a gorgeous looking couple. Gwen looks like a supermodel! Thought they sounded great and no lip-syncing or voice enhancements like the others. Thanks Jenny for putting up these great pix so quickly.

  2. Beautiful Gwen Stefani! Beautiful couple! Spectacular performance!Thank you Gwen and Blake for sharing with us again your amazing love story capsulized in that awesome well-written love song!! More power to both of you!!!

  3. Not feeling her no lashes or no liner look… and yes she’s totally stunning ! But Gwen seems to be changing …. and I miss the Gwen I knew back in the day before she dated a country singer! Lol I had to say it. They are cute , don’t get me wrong ! But I love Gwen more edgy…the softer side is stunning …but it’s just not GWEN! (Just my opinion)

    1. It’s definitely a new era for Gwen. On the one hand props to her cause she’s finally trying new things, new looks, etc., but on the other hand with each change, she’s alienating more and more her core fanbase. I miss the old Gwen. 🙁

    2. Just because men (Blake) doesn’t like make-up doesn’t mean Gwen should change her look. Blake is still wearing his jeans and boots! Why is it the woman who has to change? Run Gwen Run! You are changing who you are and what you are for a man! Don’t do it!

      1. My thoughts exactly. lol Anyway his sense of style is awful. Those jeans and boots are nauseous. I’m only seeing Gwen changing her looks to please him and his country fellas.

  4. She looks like a different person. There’s no color…no glam. Sorry, not crazy about this look.

  5. Kind of an odd look really because the face is is so monotone. This look doesn’t thrill me. On one hand it’s nice she feels so comfortable to do a more natural look. On the other hand, it’s different from classic Gwen. I don’t think a makeup look is a big enough reason to alienate a fan base. It’s a small part of an artist. The music is always the core focus.

  6. IMO she looks great. At 40 something, it’s a nice change for her, to show she can be beautiful withouth all that ton of make up and heavy colors and shades. This look brought up her natural glow and it’s refreshing to see it. I know she has a signature look, but people are allowed to try new things and she looks amazing. I’ve been a fan for over 20 years and in the past years, I was hoping she moved from the heavy makeup and bold colors.

    1. IMO this look shows her true age. I don’t mean that in a negative way either. she looks pretty, as always.

    2. I agree with you! Now is the time for Gwen to be experimental and try smthn new! Natural is new for Gwen and it suits her, she looks the most beautiful at 46 IMO!

  7. He said his fav is her hair with the black dyed fringe —and he said its fun cause each day it is — what’s her look going to be today? So I don’t think it’s pressure from him she is just is doing different looks like she did on The Voice and they all worked and each week everyone looked forward to see what it would be.
    The selfie she posted with no makeup on showed what a natural beauty she is.
    She wore the bright red lip less when she got with him for practical reasons!

  8. During the performance it just looked like bruises being covered. And a lot of surgery. I’m most certain neither of those are actual situations, but this make up is bad. She should have went for the “cool” video look of she wanted softness. And I’m all about Gwen going back to brunette.

    1. I totally want a new hair color for at least one single era… Red maybe? 🙂 And yeah, the cool video looks are amazing!

      1. She changer her hair to red after the TK tour and hated (her words), but I think she would make a lovely brunette.

        1. I remember that one Cyntia, but didn’t know that she hated :O Wow! 😀 Yeah i think she can handle being a brunette at least for another video, too. 🙂

        2. She would look amazing as a brunette! It would really soften her look and it would get a lot of press!

  9. gwen changing for blake? i think some of u all still just dont like him. she publicly said several times that greasy bum she was once married to didnt like a lot of her style/looks and she never changed. and about her make up, you guys she still has a TON on lol! its just a little odd to see her without her signature black eyelid. is she a naturally beautiful woman? 110%%%%% YES! but natural is so boring to me, shes created a signature look that shes kept hard work at all these years. I mean her hair alone! how often do we see gwens roots? Never! at this point i dont think any man will take her blonde hair, red lip or fishnets

  10. It’s not so much the makeup that I don’t like, it’s the boring figure-skater looking dress that every female celeb has worn at one time or another. Too much “nude” color IMO I love her hair though. It reminds me of the Hey Baby video 😉

    It’s not uncommon for women to want to be attractive to their partner (red lips for Gavin) and sometimes that means trying new styles or toning it down, but she always adds her own flare! I’m not saying if that’s right or wrong – just that it’s her choice. 😉

  11. I LOVE that she’s not wearing her usual thick eyeliner and fake lashes, but I wish she had put on red lipstick. She would have looked so beautiful like that. This look, however, it’s not so good. But she at least changed her style, if only for one night, so kudos to her.

  12. Some people are tyring too hard to read something into her looks imho…. This whole era is all about trying new things (many collaborations with Eminem, Calvin, Justin and Blake, new music styles etc.), so why wouldn’t she also try some new looks? I don’t see that as a sign of her changing for Blake lol.

  13. It just seems like she is following trends instead of setting them. Before she used to stand out. She took more risk. These days it’s pretty much the same mesh-glittery-see through-ish kinda dresses. It’s like she’s wearing the same dresses over and over again. I get the theme just maybe a different interpretation of it already. I dunno. I miss rocksteady love angel music baby Gwen. Bring back Andrea Lieberman…

  14. Her makeup artist is everywhere defending her look that nite. To have her do a look like that that he had never tried on her before on a major prime time show is just wrong. They call it stage makeup for a reason cause bright lights wash out your color so he goes with a colorless look–that defies logic.
    Really a shame that even the news sites are talking about the makeup fail instead of their performance.

    1. I think it needed a little eyeliner and maybe less of a pronounced brow. With a little tweaking, it would work IMO

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