Photos and Videos: MTV Video Music Awards



2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage & Audience

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage & Audience

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

Gwen was joined alongside by Snoop Dogg and presented the award for Best Female Video to Katy Perry tonight during the MTV Video Music Awards. She did a great job and is crashing the internet for her now famous “two-finger clap”!

We’ll try and have more photos and videos up soon from the show!

Click here to see more photos.

If you’re wanting to see red carpet photos, click here!

Photos courtesy of Getty.

9 Replies to “Photos and Videos: MTV Video Music Awards”

  1. What was the second video? Can you post the link again or let me know the source? Because it’s not working from me (Australlia).

  2. I feel embarrassed for this interviewer – most awkward red carpet interview ever! How flat does she wanna sound she’s talking to Gwen Stefani step up your enthusiasm!

  3. I found that first interview awkward and that’s actually a first for me; the interviewer had nothing to ask and all Gwen’s interviews could’ve been good opportunity to talk about upcoming projects etc.. Gwen probably was just having fun though but the tone did feel weird..

  4. What was the interviewer expecting? That Gwen would share her secret formula as if they were besties? lol Gwen obviously tried to shake it off but she couldn’t disguise. She was right, that’s something you just don’t ask. Rude!

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