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There she is! Gwen joined Pharrell Williams onstage last night during day two of the annual Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California! She was welcomed onstage and the two performed her smash single, “Hollaback Girl!”

Gwen looked and sounded incredible! This is her first appearance after giving birth to her third son, Apollo, on February 28. We’re so thrilled to see her onstage again and doing what she loves!

Billboard also shared that Pharrell announced after their performance that Gwen is “making her arrival back to the music industry”.

GigWise — As his set entered its final twenty minutes, Pharrell said to the crowd: “The name on my album is called GIRL, and I can tell you right now there’s only one incredible, historical, most important, incredibly talented, fucking awesome, rad girl in the world”, before the iconic opening beat of ‘Hollaback Girl’ erupted and Stefani marched onstage to the screaming crowd.

“Please do me a favour before she leaves” said Pharrell as the track, which Stefani co-wrote with Pharrell back in 2004, came to an end. “You’ve not seen her in nine months, look how amazing the Queen looks as she is making her arrival back into the music industry. Make some noise for the Queen of Awesome. Love you Gwen.”

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Click here for discussion on Pharrell possibly hinting to another solo adventure for Gwen.

27 Replies to “Photos and Videos: Gwen Joins Pharrell Onstage At Coachella”

  1. Just she does not get motivated to go solo again… haa a weird feeling when I saw that they choose Hollaback Girl (her biggest single).

  2. What a nice surprise! She looks fab. The crowd gave her so much love! And now here comes even more rampant solo cries from fans. I’m starting to believe it myself with the comments Pharrell made. I strongly prefer No Doubt, but at this point in her life, solo would probably be easier for her and with P&S having such a downer theme, it would be great to hear some fun upbeat music from her again.

  3. Relax, ppl. Pharrell was just performing his best hits and the best music he produced over the years. There were other artists on stage too. I don’t think this is about Gwen’s solo. These days producers refer to Gwen, even when they mean No Doubt. Plus he produced a few tracks for No Doubt last year.

  4. Oh my god, amazing!! How awesome was that? Imagine the excitement if you’d been there?! I wonder what she’s up to! She looks amazing ❤️

  5. Im getting newv solo single or collaboration vibes ;)…And you know how she loves touring after she gives birth hahaha

  6. i think a one-two punch is in the cards. the nd stuff may see the light of day as well as some solo work… and why not? plenty of artists have done that.

  7. Oh please let this be her glorious solo comeback! Yeah I love ND… but I don’t really see them going anywhere these days. Just look how the crowd freaked out when the beat of Hollaback Girl started to kick in. Solo is where it’s at these days for sure. Just team her up with Iggy Azalea or Mackelmore and let her have that huge urban solo hit again.

  8. I guess we’ll see her do errands soon n hopefully she ll stop by the studio after she picks up the kids from school lol

  9. I can understand, we all are desperate for some new music but I’d rather have a new No Doubt album 1st. Anyday. Anytime. After all they have a handful of songs ready for another album. Why waste them?

  10. I also want to hear those new ND songs that were recorded in 2012/2013, but until then why ot have Gwen do some solo stuff? I’m not asking for a full length solo album and a solo tour, but why not have her guest sing on some new chartbreakers and maybe release some solo songs for soundtracks/commercials?

    We don’t know how much work needs to be done on those new ND songs. A possible release might take yet another year. Instead of wasting all this time, Gwen could just have have some fun again and do some little musical projects. She seems to be ready to be out there again.

  11. At the end of the day she’s free to do whatever she wants. I simply stated my thoughts primarily as a NoDoubt fan.

    I can’t see any indication of another solo project, just because Pharrell said something like “her arrival”? I just saw this performance as a nod to Pharrell’s music throughout the years. And keep in mind that he produced a few tracks for No Doubt last year, which Tom said that sounded killer.

  12. gwen is too old to do the solo pop thing now, id be so embarrassed if she pulled any short of madonna-type acts trying to stay youthful

  13. Bob, really? That’s the best you can do, being ageist? Last time I checked Madonna and Kylie still have very successful careers. How about you?

  14. madonna with her grills, trying to rap, collab w/miley—its just all silly. how old is gwen 45? 44? what does a woman at that age do to try and stay present?? im just saying gwen always has impeccable taste and class but it could very well be a disaster too. no disrespect to gwen

  15. its Just like Gwen! always throwing surprises like when she brought No Doubt on her sweet escape tour

  16. that must have been amazing to hear the roar of the crowd again! How fun for her! She looks great and I’m glad this is a sign that she is well!

  17. Think Bob is wrong about Gwen being too old… she might be old for any typical woman to be rocking the world solo but she is incredibly cool, all my friends are 18 etc and we think she’s so stunning, cool, fresh and she could so just dominate the charts and be rocking all the fashion events.. Gwen can just do it!!!!

  18. Gwen is not too old to do the solo pop thing. If anything she is in general unusually “old” for a female singer. I mean, who really is there apart from her these days? J.Lo and Sheryl Crow are the only other female artists I can think of, who are both beyond 40 and who both occasionally release some new music. Of course Kylie also comes to mind, but she’s not a big deal on the US market.

  19. Gwen isn’t too old. Who knows? Her next solo venture could be completely different. And we don’t know for sure if Pharell meant solo or NxD. She could do both. She did say in that one article that musically she was still trying to figure things out.

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