Photos: ‘American Hustle’ Viewing Party in West Hollywood



PANDORA Jewelry And Moto X Present 'American Hustle' At cinema prive

Gwen and Gavin attended the American Hustle viewing party hosted by Pandora and Moto X at cinema prive in West Hollywood last night. They looked great together! Gwen and Gavin also posed with Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl and his wife.

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18 Replies to “Photos: ‘American Hustle’ Viewing Party in West Hollywood”

  1. Same thing I said when I saw the top picture, definitely some major botox/work done and that dress is soo
    Come on Gwen your a fashionista you can do better! :/

    1. Thanks! I didn’t find that one as an important update and especially since she didn’t include a photo. I appreciate it though!

  2. Sorry… but pregnancy does not change your face structure! You can get a bit puffy sometimes (been there!), but stop sugarcoating things, she did get (little) work done on her face.

  3. I think her face just looks a little puffy due to pregnancy. She was on botox overdose right at the beginning of the P&S era, but I think she has slowed it down a lot lately. The dress is really horrible, though. It doesn’t happen often, but this is an outfit that doesn’t make her look good.

  4. I agree with CYNTHIA.
    Come on you people who think Gwen is perfect and doesn’t have any faults, of course she does like everyone else. She is only human after all.

  5. I’m not necessarily saying people here NDLOVER but a lot of Gwen fans on the net in general have the opinion that she is perfect in every way shape and form.

  6. Funny, I think she looks really pretty here. Work done or not, make-up wise she looks very nice more natural, Sometimes she cakes way too much of it on. And I’m a guy who knows nothing about these things. She looks beautiful here.

  7. This is why i am glad i am not famous. Gwen is perfection. She is more beautiful here than ever. Just shut up, please.

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