Photo: Warped Tour 1995

Lisa Johnson Rock Photographer

In celebration of the Warped Tour 20th year on the road this summer, Vans has shared a high quality version (and heavily airbrushed) photo of Gwen and The Vandals’ Warren Fitzgerald to kick it off. They will be sharing more from their photo collection over the summer including an upcoming exhibit entitled Decades: Warped Since 1995 by rock photographer Lisa Johnson.

No Doubt was included on the Warped Tour’s first headlining bill back in the summer of 1995. You can check out a couple more photos here.

11 Replies to “Photo: Warped Tour 1995”

  1. I always wondered on her “nose pierce”… there are other pics (some with her pre TK pink hair) that you can spot it.

  2. Aww what a great pic but it looks like someone went and tried to brighten up and airbrush Gwen’s hair and fave for some reason. Strange.

    1. Yeah, not to sound ungrateful, but it’s a a huge bummer that they messed with it so much. Gwen looks almost recognizable. It’s always been one of my favorites of her, too.

  3. There are is a 2nd photo with Gwen smoking too.

    It’s messed up that they edited this photo like that.

  4. Yeah someone tried to improve the photo (I think because the light/shadow wasn’t that great) but ended up messing up big time. She even looks like she’s dark blonde in that edit. Awful!

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