Photo: Rare Shots From Return of Saturn Press Kit

Thank you so much to Tumblr nxdarchive for this!

Check out these amazing rare shots of the band from the album artwork photo shoot from Return of Saturn. We hope he shares more soon!

10 Replies to “Photo: Rare Shots From Return of Saturn Press Kit”

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for the mention! I thought people who enjoy these shots! I have several more from the shoot, but these are my favorites!

  2. Hi Jenny, would it be possible to delete the photos from my tumblr site from your gallery? I don’t mind sharing the update at all, it’s just that I really would like to keep everything I upload exclusive to my website. I hope you understand!

  3. Once you upload something to the internet it’s everywhere. It’s your choice, nxdarchive! That’s something you can’t control, really. Soon it will be in other NXD archives. Deal with it or just don’t upload anything.

  4. @ndlover and Gwen_couture — If a person decides to share something with other fans and asks politely not to post it anywhere else and prefers to keep it exclusively to ones web site (BSO, EIT and many others do this with certain material all the time) then I believe that’s fair and should be respected.

  5. I think most sites just want CREDIT if something of theirs is posted elsewhere. It’s the net, it’s hard to keep something exclusive. Plus, BSO posting it here brought new people to your site. I visited!

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