Photo: Rare Gwen Inscription In High School Yearbook

Thanks to Jessica for sending into us! Check out this old inscription from Gwen that was written to a friend, “Loud Mouth Matt”, back in her senior year of Loara High School in 1987. She spoke about how much she enjoyed having Matt on her swim team and even included a really cute drawing of herself with webbed feet (one of her nicknames in high school was “frog”.) The inscription was found on and credit goes to Seth Poppel.

We transcribed her cute message below!

Loud Mouth Matt, Hi

I have really enjoyed listening to your loud mouth on the bus. Swimming was so great. I really can’t believe how much fun I had on this team. You are one the guys that really made this team great, I mean it! Hey, thank you for being a great guy. MAHR lots of luck 87! Love Always, Gwen