Photo: ‘Paddington’ Movie Screening

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ASCAP shared a photo of Gwen taken at the movie screening for Paddington, schedulded for release on January 16. They also Tweeted out a link to the low-quality version of “Shine” (Gwen and Pharrell’s new track included in the film) that has been floating around. We’re holding off on sharing the song on the site until it’s domestically released and (hopefully) available to purchase. As of now, “Shine” doesn’t seem to be listed on the official soundtrack, due out January 13, so we hope there will be a way to pick up the track digitally.

She looks incredible!

Photo courtesy of ASCAP.

23 Replies to “Photo: ‘Paddington’ Movie Screening”

  1. I am confused why they won’t release the song but will tweet out a leaked version..wouldn’t releasing the song before the movie comes out build up more hype?

  2. Lisa-I have no idea, but usually the reviews are the ones who build the hype and the movie has AMAZING reviews. If Erik Lomis (head of distribution at TWC) thinks the song should help, I guess we’ll have to believe him. I just don’t see it. We’ll see if the movie has legs and how holds on the 2nd-3rd week.

  3. Amanda- Yes it will, the TWC guy confirmed it. I agree its a mess, I don’t see the point why didnt use it on the US trailers?. Whatever. But unlike other clusterfucks we can’t blame Gwen or Pharrell, neither had control on this situation.

    Either way the song kind of sucks.

  4. Ohhh that’s good news. The interview is great this guy has the best quotes.

    “I’m not anti-BMI or anti-ASCAP; I am anti-system” lol

  5. Lisa he’s doesn’t work for Interscope, he’s Gwen / ND new manager and a very powerful guy the music industry, kind of crazy sometimes, like fighting with youtube. He’s kind the Harvey Weinstein of music, just super short.

  6. Basically he’s the guy, who ruined Christina Aguilera’s music career 😉 We will see if this tour ever happens. He was also wrong about Gwen premiering her first single on The Voice and her album being out before Christmas.

  7. Oops manager, my bad. I hope so I am getting really excited now. Have always wanted to hear gwen solo live! I also hope the album comes out before summer

  8. He didn’t ruin Christina Aguilera’s music career lol you maybe don’t like her style but her career is not over at all.

    1. Wait, I have nothing against Christina! I just think Azoff has been a really bad manager for her, just like he seems to be for Gwen. Christina had the same problems in the past: She never got to perform any of her lead singles on The Voice and her promo/release strategies have been awful (just like Gwen’s) since she started working with Azoff.

  9. Well, Christina had a hand in her own demise too. And I’m saying that as a fan of her work.

    I’m not holding my breath for a tour or a new album. It’s best just to roll with the punches and not get your hopes up when it comes to Gwen’s career moves…

  10. gwen has never been “career moves” savy…plus, shes a mom now & i dont see anything coming before that at a llllllll

  11. What is a bad manager for you? he help her made millions and sold tons of songs. She’s a difficult person and part of her downs are on her own. As for Gwen she gets excited and then loses all intertest, so who knows.

    Azoff is not your typical manager, he’s more into sponsorship, branding, merchandising, and/or licensing.

    Whatever we are not going to agree and that’s fine.

  12. :O @ Bob

    If the last 5 years prove something is that Gwen is ok to be at home w the kids and let Gavin be the music orientated person on the house. He tours every year. I hope she proves me wrong but it is what its. Maybe right now she wants to tour but can change her mind in 2 weeks.

  13. I understand what yeahyeahyeah is saying, I even pointed out the similarities in gwen and christinas career months ago when she never performed BDL on the voice. Christina has media issues too with her image and they portray her as a villain that has helped demise her career as well. Bionic was a great album but the best songs that should have been singles were left as bonus tracks. Lotus was very radio friendly and again suffered from a poor lead single choice and lack of promotion. I think Gwen still has a chance if she can come up with something good and promote it.

  14. I would think that the tour is part of a contract with Mastercard. So it has to happen, even if its only a few shows.

  15. I’m honestly getting bored/over this lack luster Luke warm “comeback” for her …. it’s almost like maybe it’s time to retire … the fan base and music just isn’t as good as it used to be. And this is coming from a huge fan of both no doubt and Gwen solo … just feel pharrell has kinda failed at the music he was bragging about working on with gwen …cuz spark the fire was a FAIL… and “shine” is lame ! Ughhhhh

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