Photo: Original Sketch Idea Of Gwen’s Famous Galliano Wedding Dress

For those who haven’t seen it, and with all the buzz about Gwen’s Galliano designed wedding dress being included in the upcoming exhibit at London’s Victoria and Albert Design Museum, we wanted to share the original sketch and idea that Dior’s John Galliano presented Gwen. The famous pink and white dress was hand painted and took six months to create! Gwen has stated it’s her favorite thing she’s ever wore.

The dress is scheduled to hit the Victoria and Albert Design Museum in 2013. The article below also states that the dress is going to a new “permanent home”. We thought it was just temporary…

People — Most women’s wedding dresses end up in an attic, or perhaps tucked under a bed — but Gwen Stefani is not your typical bride. The singer and fashion designer tells Elle U.K. that her one-of-a-kind Christian Dior gown, created by embattled designer John Galliano, is heading to a permanent home in the Victoria and Albert Design Museum in London. “I didn’t wanna send it because I was scared it would get ruined. But it’s a work of art, it needed to be seen,” she tells the magazine. Stefani, who married rocker Gavin Rossdale in London in 2002, says Galliano made her wedding day dreams come true. “When I got engaged and someone told me that John said he would make my dress, I was like really?” she recalls. “I said I wanted it to be over the top, but not traditional — I wanted it to be everything. But how do you tell this genius over the phone?” Luckily, the designer listened to her wishes. “He was, like, OK, and sent me these drawings of this unbelievable, perfect dress.”

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