Photo: MY new Gwen tattoo!

I’m so excited to finally be able to show this to all of you! After seventeen years of No Doubt and Gwen being my world, I finally got the opportunity to get it in ink! I obviously took the amazing flash art we posted a while ago and made it my own by changing up some of the colors. Also, it’s not completely done – there is still some background and text to be put in (probably in about two weeks or so) so I’ll be sure to post again and show you all the 100% finished product!

Another really rad thing that happened when I was there was that another artist in the shop, Brad, was talking to me about how back in the early 90’s he was in a band. In 1992 he was on tour with this band and when they hit Long Beach, CA he happened to catch a Sublime show where Gwen sang on stage with the band! He said it was “really amazing” (obviously!) and said “It was really old school! Back when Gwen had brown hair!” I can’t even imagine!!

Oh, and so you know this is Maribeth posting (not Jenny!) and I got my tattoo done by my amazing artist and dear friend Sandy at Asylum Studios in Bronx, NY.

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  1. MB! OMG! SO INCREDIBLE! It looks so amazing! I really, really love the colors you went with and it’s just so perfect! Congrats sweetheart! You should be proud — so jealous! Love you and your new tattoo! When you meet G, you should have her sign your arm or something with it and get it tatted! <3

  2. Thank you so much Jenny! I’m really so, so thrilled with the way it came out! And if I am lucky enough to meet Gwen I would totally love to do that!!! Love you too, girl :D!

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