Photo: Lucky Fan Meets Gwen at a Park


Congrats to lucky fan and Instagram user melliirae for sharing her photo of meeting Gwen this afternoon at a park in Los Angeles. They both look great!

6 Replies to “Photo: Lucky Fan Meets Gwen at a Park”

  1. Gwen really needs to stop all the BOTOX and whatever else she does to her face. and all you guys please dont act like she doesn’t

    1. i understand what your saying there, i am not a big fan of botox either,even though it is fairly pedestrian now, however i think in the present she does get it done more accordingly than she once did because it is no secret she has been getting botox since the lamb era. personally i really do not care as long as i know who she is in each picture its fine, the funny thing about it is so subtle, i just hope in the future she will let herself age abit………..

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with her face in that particular picture tbh. I know she had “something” done to her face some time ago, but recently she looks more natural again to me.

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